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12 Authentic Gujarati Dishes You Would Love To Taste

Authentic Gujarati Dishes

Authentic Gujarati Dishes

The food culture in India is one of the most versatile in the world. Starting from delicacies for each person, irrespective of their lifestyle choice, there is a kind of food item for every person. You can never run out of dishes or food to explore or have a slice of. There will always be some of the other dishes you may not know about, but you should know about it. Whether you crave a street snack or a one-time meal, you will never fall short of options to ponder upon. Such is the craze for our food, Gujarati dishes couldn’t help themselves from being in the limelight in the Aamir Khan movie “3 idiots”. Did the mention of Gujarati cuisines make you crave for some?

Here are the 12 most loved and popular Gujarati dishes that can satiate your taste buds:

  • Khaman Dhokla:

    I think this can be rightly called the staple dish of Gujaratis judging by its popularity. This fluffy and spongy savory cake made from gram flour is one of the snacks that are quite popular with roadside eateries.

Khaman Dhokla

  • Thepla:

    There are lots of varieties you can find in Thepla, such as methi thepla, muli thepla, gobhi thepla, Loki ka thepla, potato stuffing thepla. This dish is a flatbread made with a dough of gram flour, fenugreek leaves, and spices.


  • Khandvi:

    Khandvi is made from gram flour and buttermilk into a soft roll with sesame seeds; this dish will melt in your mouth.


  • Undhiyu:

    This dish, though not a snack, is one of the dishes that are the pride of Gujaratis. You will be surprised to know that this unique dish made during the winter season with green peas, brinjal, potatoes, yam, and other fresh vegetables is also served at weddings. Which is a famous sabzi in Gujarati community – known as UNDHIYA NU SHAK.


  • Handvo:

    This salty cake made with a fermented batter of lentils and rice is cooked on charcoal. While this cake itself is heaven, the added sesame seed seasoning takes the cake, literally!


  • Lilva Kachori:

    Kachori is not as popular as dhokla, this snack made from flour stuffed with pigeon peas can be a great addition with afternoon tea.

Lilva Kachori

  • Sev Tameta Nu Shak:

    If you thought you knew about every dish, this might come as a tangy surprise for you. This vegetable sabzi is made of tomatoes and sev; this dish is a hit among children.

Sev Tameta Nu Shak

  • Khichu:

    Khichu is one the easiest option and loved by all kinds of people. It is available during Navratri, the batter for making khichiya papad has another variation in the form of this gooey but tasty snack.


  • Mohanthal:

    This sweet dish, which has gone down from generation to generation, has also become an indispensable part of Janmashthami celebrations.


  • Surati Ghari:

    The name of this flavourful sweet dish comes from Surat, Gujarat, where it is mostly prepared during the festival of Chandani Padva; it’s the most famous item in Gujarati dishes – “Surti Ghari.”

Surati Ghati

  • Khakhra:

    The love for flatbreads evident; Khakhra is a flatbread, which has become one of the most experimental dishes as of now. Starting from the basic methi, palak, and simple ones, now you can get innovative flavors like pani puri, garlic, chaat masala, Chinese, etc.

Varieties Of Khakhra

  • Dabeli:

    You might have eaten this snack, but did you know about the Gujarati authenticity of this dish? Similar to vada pav, dabeli is made from potatoes mashed with pomegranate seeds, peanuts, coconut, and other spices pressed in a bun.


Do you have any other dish that comes to your mind? We would love to know about them.

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