5 Dishes You Can Enjoy In Rainy Season

Gorge On These Five Dishes To Love The Rains Even More!

Dishes You Can Enjoy In Rain

In a place like India, the rainy season is a season that is looked ahead with much eagerness by many. The sweet fragrance that arises when raindrops hit the soil takes us to a peaceful and beautiful land. Despite the corona-affected environment right now, the rainy season is still as charming as always. Just thinking of piping hot tea and bhajiyas from the road stall is sure to make your mouth water! Of course, due to the safety concerns eating outside might not be possible, but that doesn’t mean we cannot take full advantage of this amazing season. And we will make this time all the more dreamy for you with the help of these five dishes that can uplift your mood instantly:

  • Masala Steamed American Corn: This is a trend that had caught on fast, and I am sure it is not there to go any sooner. First things first, corn is healthy, and when combined with a dash of lemon and salt, it can more than satisfy your taste buds. You can just pressure cook to steam corn kernels, cut a wedge of lemon, and add salt to it. If you prefer the simple and sweet flavor of the corn, you can make it this way, while if you want it to be spicy, you can add a dash of jeera powder or a little red chili powder to make it tastier.

Masala Steamed American Corn

  • The Traditional Bhajiyas: These Indian snacks are an all-time favorite during the rainy season. With strong ginger tea, onion, potato, and palak pakodas can be made for your family. If you want to twist the traditional pakodas, you can also make them with other veggies like cauliflower, brinjals, or even corn. You can serve these crispies with the spicy green chutney or the tasty peanut chutney.

The Traditional Bhajiyas

  • Healthy Samosas: Thinking how is it possible? Just stuff the samosas with some moong dal. Innovative, right? You can grind soaked moong dal with cumin seeds and asafoetida and then put it inside the samosa instead of the potato stuffing. You can also put a twist by putting soybean granules as a stuffing.

Healthy Samosas

  • Clear Vegetable Soup: If you are a health freak, you will this option, for food is as much for the soul as it is for the body. You can add a pinch of pepper to it to give it that sublime taste. Just serve yourself a bowl of hot soup and sit in from of your window. Just imagine that lush green beauty with soul-nourishing soup. Or you could even try out the tastier version with corn soup.

Traditional Creamy Basundi

  • Masala Tea: Hot tea in this season is a very common sight everywhere! You can always make tea with lots of ginger and lemongrass, known for its amazing fragrance and flavor. The fragrance will pump you with much enthusiasm and refreshment to get going with your day.

Masala Tea

The peace that nature can provide you with is unmatchable, and when it is experienced with amazing food, it can be a dream come true.


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