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A Famous Indian Avenue Meal: Jini Dosa

Jini Dosa is a famous Indian avenue meal. It is a fusion of South Indian dosa with Mumbai masalas and is to be had at various streets across Mumbai. It is undoubtedly effortless to make and calls for only some elements alongside the simple dosa batter.

Jini Dosa Recipe

Unfold the affection and share this recipe with your friends and family, who will find it irresistible. If you cook Dosa in butter, they are topped with a succulent and highly spiced mixture of greens and crowned with plenty of cheese.

Use any readymade dosa batter or make the batter at home, which takes a lot of time to ferment from scratch. This has a tangy, tacky taste and is served unusually – standing up pinnacle on a plate with more grated cheese introduced as a garnish. You can do it with various chutneys like the kara chutney, peanut chutney, or another chutney of your liking. It tastes amazing with Schezwan sauce as well.


1 kg Dosa Batter readymade or home-made

Two medium Onion finely chopped

1 Capsicum (Green Bell Pepper) finely chopped

1/2 cup Cabbage finely chopped

1/2 cup Spring Onion Greens chopped

1 tsp Butter in line with Dosa

1/2 of tsp Pav Bhaji Masala according to Dosa

1/2 tsp Schezwan Chutney/Sauce as per need of Dosa

1/2 of cup Cheese grated

 How To Make Jini Dosa



Finely chop all of the vegetables and keep the geared up – onions, green bell pepper, Cabbage, and spring onion greens.


Also, preserve the dosa batter prepared – add water and salt as necessary. It wishes to be a thick consistency, the manner it ought to be for regular Dosa.


Step 1. Finely chop all the veggies and keep them equipped – onions, inexperienced bell pepper, Cabbage, and spring onion greens.

Step 2. Also, hold the dosa batter prepared – upload water and salt as important. It needs a thick consistency. The manner needs to be for ordinary Dosa.

Step 3. Heat a non-stick pan or a tawa on a low flame. The manner of testing if the Tawa is prepared is with the aid of sprinkling some water on it or maintaining your palm approximately 2 inches far from the pan and feeling the warmth.

Step 4. Pour a ladle complete of dosa batter on the hot pan and spread it frivolously into a thin layer. Allow it to cook dinner for a few seconds.

Step 5. Now, positioned 1 tsp of butter, half tsp of Pav Bhaji Masala, and half tsp of Schezwan Sauce or chutney. You can range all of these portions according to your liking.

Step 6. Use a spatula or spoon, evenly spread the butter and masala mixture on the Dosa.

Step 7. Next, sprinkle the chopped greens over the Dosa lightly.

Step 8. Grate cheese over the Dosa generously. Use the cheese as in line with your discretion. Ideally, Jini Dosa has a good amount of cheese in it.

Step 9. After the cheese starts off evolved to soften, check if the Dosa if well cooked and begin rolling it cautiously at the pan itself.

Step 10. Cut the rolled Dosa into 3 or 4 pieces. Jini Dosa is served weirdly, standing on a plate. We have placed two such dosas on the plate. For garnish, sprinkle some veggies – Onion and spring onion greens and grate some cheese on top. Serve it hot with chutney or sauce.

 In case you are not sure if your Dosa might be capable of rolling properly and that it’ll tear aside on the Tawa itself, do not worry. It does not take place. It would help if you were a little careful, and in the case, in case you do not sense confident sufficient to do that, here’s a trick. Mix all the components in a pan and permit it to cook on slow flame until gentle. Directly follow it on Dosa grate the cheese, and it’s finished. But make sure you allow Dosa to cook well before spreading the combination on it.

 We don’t recognize why it is named Jini Dosa; however, the handiest aspect of my mind when I concentrate Ginnie is a Jin popping out of a magical lamp. And this might be the cause of naming it Jini dosa, as it’s miles merely occult in taste.

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