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What are things essential to make food tasty? The right ingredients, the right portion of these ingredients used, and the right time to put them. When you master these three things, your hand is a magic wand to everyone who tastes your cooking.

Cooking is not just an everyday obligation. It is an art that everybody should be acquainted with. Subtlety is the key to being a great cook. Here at Rasoirani, we bring you closer to this art form. And, we venture to revert to the notion that vegetarian cuisine can be as excellent as any other cuisine.

We envision bringing out the great cook in you. It’s not the hardest thing to do. You have to understand the compatibility of different ingredients with each other and do the simple things in the right way. And, of course, with the guidance provided by us, you will be receiving praise every day for the foods that you cook.

Our main motive is to provide you with step-by-step guidance on numerous vegetarian recipes.

Starting from beginning to end, we provide a detailed and precise list of ingredients and proportions to be used, along with the time required for preparing and cooking each cuisine. These guidelines are easy to follow.

Another feature of a great cook is a novelty. Eating the same food every day, however great it may taste at first eating, will reduce your appetite for it. You need to have a lot of tricks up your sleeve. This is one of the things we will be addressing at Rasoirani. With a view to making this platform a huge library of cooking, we will continue to provide you with new recipes to try.

While it might not be of concern to others, how you maintain your kitchen should be of utmost importance to you as a cook. A clean and healthy working space is essential to a pleasant cooking experience. With that in mind, this blog intends to provide you with different tips related to maintaining your cooking space, cleaning the area, and the various kitchen appliances such as microwave, chimney, and other appliances. Furthermore, we also provide tips related to designing the interior of your kitchen.

To state briefly, we envision being a one-stop destination for all the things related to the kitchen. We hope that this blog will bring the best out of you.

Meet Our  Great Team

Himanshu Shah - CMO

Himanshu Shah – Chief Marketing Officer

Himanshu Shah plays a significant role in RasoiRani as a chief marketing officer (CMO). He is an SEO professional with an experience of more than 12 years with a unique combination of digital marketing, social media optimization & online reputation management.

He is responsible for activities in an organization that have to do with creating, communicating, and delivering offerings that have value for clients and business partners. His ultimate goal for this website is to reach out to everyone who wants to start up their business online or wants help in their existing business to rank on the search engine. The reason behind his success is his hardworking and understanding of the market trend. He likes to apply new ideas in business and continuously improve them for the betterment of society.

Preeti Shah - Chief Editor

Preeti Shah – Chief Editor

Preeti Shah is highly personable, with the ability to engage and influence multiple business stakeholders. She is the Chief Editor at Rasoi Rani likes to serve new ideas and help women who are fond of cooking. She has given her best in content marketing and social media marketing, and through this website, she wants to help all the men and women who like amazing self-made food at home.

I am working closely with the Client Services and Project Management teams. Work with the Management team to prioritize the needs of the clients and develop roadmaps within an agile development process. Develop a content marketing strategy across all websites and work with sales and marketing teams to execute it.

Jinally Shah - Co-Editor At RasoiRani.Com

Jinally Shah – Co-Editor

Jinally Shah is a Co-Editor at RasoiRani.Com. She is a role model, especially in editing and publishing tasks, with an understanding of communicating and executing all activities related to referral searches. She works closely with the team and looks after the quality and growth of off-site factors like Social Media Marketing that drive referral growth. In addition, she analyses and creates strategic recommendations for social media promotions.