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Authentic Paneer Makhni Recipe

The best way to win praises all around is through fabulous food. Especially in India, a country which is known for its amazing food culture, people connect through meals and spread joy through it as well. And, when it comes to an ingredient like paneer, no one can resist a bite of this soft cheese. If you are looking to make Punjabi dishes for your family, cook something that everyone at your home will love to eat. Undoubtedly, paneer makhani is something that can bring smiles on their faces!

Restaurant Style Paneer Makhni's Recipe

Imagine the sheer admiration and joy you will get to see on the faces of your loved ones when you make Paneer Makhni. Ah…that aromatic paneer with oozing butter!! Who can resist that now?

Now, without further ado, let’s get back to this lip-smacking recipe of paneer makhani:

First and foremost, let’s get your ingredients in order to make a sumptuous and creamy curry, you would need:

Ingredients To Make Delicious Paneer Makhni:

½ cup of water

5 cups cut tomato pieces

½ cup onions

Eight garlic cloves

1-inch ginger piece

1 Bay leaf

One black cardamom

One cinnamon stick

Three cardamom

Three cloves

Two green chilies

1 tbsp Kashmiri red chili powder

1 tbsp butter

12-14 cashew nuts

Salt as per taste

Instructions For The Gravy:

Before you start cooking, make sure you have all the above ingredients chopped and ready for you to use. Put a pan to heat and pour ½ cup water in it. Put in the chopped tomatoes, the sliced onions, the garlic cloves, ginger piece, bay leaf, black cardamom, cinnamon stick, cardamom, green chilies, and cashew nuts. Toss them for a while, add Kashmiri red chili powder for that authentic red color, and then add the most essential and signature ingredient of this dish that is butter. Add salt in it, cover it and let it simmer on a low flame for 25 mins. Now let it cool down a little, remove the black cardamom, bay leaf, and cinnamon as it may change the color of the curry. Put this curry and grind it to the tee in the mixer. After you take this paste out of the grinder, make sure to discard lumps, if any. Keep this mixture aside for now.

Other Ingredients To Add Later:

2 tbsp of butter

½ tbsp. chopped ginger

One green chili

1 tsp Kashmiri red chili powder

Two cups Paneer cubes (obviously 😉

3 to 4 tbsp cream for garnishing

Let’s get on with sautéing the paneer. Heat the pan with 2 tbsp of butter, then add ½ tbsp chopped ginger and one green chili in it. After tossing it for a while, add 1 tsp Kashmiri red chili powder, and lastly, add 2 cups of paneer cubes. Continue tossing it until the paneer changes color. Add that curry paste you had kept aside earlier. Mix it well and let it boil on a low flame. You can add a little sugar if you like a sweet tinge to your dish. Put your dish in a bowl and garnish it with 3 to 4 tbsp of cream. Now your PANEER MAKHNI is ready to be relished!

You can combine this dish with rotis or jeera rice and tada!! You have an amazing meal!

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