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Best Way To Prepare The Nan At Home Without Tandoor

What is the best way to make the Nan at home without a tandoor? You can enrich your cravings with this recipe!

Nan At Home Without Tandoor

Do you like to have Nan while you visit the restaurant? Are you in the glance of making Nan at home? If yes, then buckle down on this article. It mentions the perfect and straightforward recipe to prepare Nan without a tandoor.

The Best Way To Prepare The Nan At Home Without A Tandoor

There possess a few simple formulas to make your Nan at home. It will help you get the enriched taste of Nanas in a restaurant.

Formula 1

Firstly you need to emphasize dough for Nan. It possesses an influential role in the taste of Nan. Here you can find a slightly diversified but effective way of Nan.

  • Firstly inaugurate with all-purpose flour around two bowls.
  • Then enumerate some wheat flour in it. Therefore your Nan doesn’t only give your body stuff.
  • After this, enumerate sour curd into the flour. Mind well, the H20 that you itemize should have a Lukewarm temperature.
  • Now you can enumerate around two spoons of olive oil in it.
  • After this most influential material to make it visualize as fluffy. You have to enumerate a bit of baking soda and dust.
  • You can also enumerate some grated garlic in it. Thus from this moment, you turned over to garlic Nan. If you designate, that can skip this material.
  • Following, you have to splash your dough so that it can enhance well.
  • Mix the entire dough well and grease your hands with olive oil. One has to repeat the same procedure.

Tip: The time that you spend mixing your dough more delicious it will taste. The simple rationale for playing with dough leads to bringing the fluffy texture.

After this, you have to cover the vessel wall with the help of plastic or cloth. Let it as in this consolidation for about an hour.

Formula 2

After your dough gets a fluffy and soft texture, then you can move on. Now it’s time to roll out your Nan.

  • Firstly you have to take some amount of dry flour.
  • After this, spate the dough into some diversified parts.
  • Following try to roll down Nan in an oval shape. The round shape will also work for Nan. But following the mindset of people, Nan suits best in an oval shape.
  • Once you have completed, the rolling now enumerate the following things on its surface.

Grated garlic


Kalonji or Nigella


  • After this, you can again lodge to roll down the Nan; therefore, every material sticks well.
  • Once this procedure gets over, give a backflip to your Nan.
  • Now you have to enumerate much amount of water on the back of Nan.
  • This procedure makes the Nan stick to the pan. It seems that this concept designates the same process as in tandoor.
  • Now it’s the most significant step to come up in front of you.
  • Just relax your mind and inaugurate the splashing of Nan.
  • Once the bubble enumerates to appear on your pan, you have to flip it towards gas.
  • Therefore your gas will act as a tandoor.
  • Now you should check your hands quickly to make the motion of the pan.
  • It will help you to enhance flawless heat towards the Nan.
  • Once it gets brownish color, you can give a pat to yourself. It’s ready.

Tip: One has to enhance water enumeration inaccessible manner. It means you have to put the amount of water that can stick your Nan flawlessly.

It would help if you had a grip to make the motion of the Nan quickly. If not, then the particular part might get burnt. Therefore lodge to make the round movement with the pan. It will help the Nan to reach the equilibrium in heat exposure.

Formula 3

Almost your Nan seems ready when you complete the above formula. But the appearance of your Nan also matters.

You have to coat the Nan with butter having garlic in it. Therefore it will taste very delicious. You can skip the garlic point.

Tip: Don’t regret enumerating the coat of butter over it. Otherwise, the dryness will make the Nan taste crummy.

Adornment Suggestion:

You can serve your Nan as soon as it prepares. Therefore the hot feeling of the restaurant comes to your home. One can present the Nan with any paste or vegetable curry too.


You can prepare all restaurant types of food at home. Therefore you can decrement the risk of crummy quality food from outside. It would help if you once tried out to make the Nan at home. This article presented you with the best way to prepare Nan at home without a tandoor.

Anyone can enhance their cooking skills following these recipes. Also, in this hazardous pandemic situation, you can save yourself from the Covid-19 virus. You can try out many other recipes at your home, like one as Nan.

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