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Delicious Mouthwatering Pudding Recipe – Bhapa Doi

Could It Be Any More Delicious?

Bhappa Doi Pudding Recipe

Bhapa Doi or sometimes called Baked Yogurt is made with hung curd mixed with condensed milk and a few spices which is then baked. It is an Instant recipe, with only two ingredients, and stands out as the Indian Cheesecake. It is in the form of flan and is enjoyed warm.

Bhapa Doi, a delicacy straight out of Bengal. It’s an Indian spin on the classic cheesecake and made by combining brewed milk with a thick yogurt base. We will add minimal spice to it cause we like that sweetness. Although it is prepared from just two main ingredients, it’s extremely rich in taste and has a texture similar to that of rasmalai’s, which is my absolute favorite dessert in the world.

The traditional method involved in making some delicious Bhapa Doi (pudding) is to cook down the milk, then for some sweetness, we add a sweetener. After cooling, we add some yogurt to the mixture. After mixing all this(after adding the spices), we steam it in a double broiler and keep stirring. Then, we refrigerate the mixture for a while, and then it’s ready!

The recipe I am about to indulge on you simplifies the traditional way and instead of a double broiler uses a pressure cooker because double broilers are hard to come by. Our aim of writing this article is to get rid of every inconvenience we face in making this dish but do not compromise on the taste. Hence we find that sweet spot (pun intended).


1 cup full-fat whole milk Greek Yogurt

1 cup sweetened Condensed Milk

1 tbsp warm milk

Pinch of Saffron, crushed

1/4 tsp Cardamom Powder

The Place Where The Magic Happens

  • We soak the saffron with some milk and set aside it for 5 minutes. On the other side, we take a bowl and add the condensed milk to it.
  • Then we add in the yogurt.
  • Now it’s time for the cardamom milk and yogurt.
  • Then we mix it well until they are no longer distinguishable.
  • We’ll use a ramekin. You can either use a stainless steel dish or a food+heat safe ramekin. The thing to notice is that your ramekin should fit inside your pressure cooker.
  • Then we shall place the ramekin inside our pressure cooker. And pour down 1 cup of water from the sides.
  • Next, we shall close the pressure cooker with a lid and wait. Also, set the stove on a medium flame.
  • The only parameter that we’ll consider is time. So we set a 20 minutes timer.
  • The cooker will start whistling start, but we are going to ignore them. The cooker will whistle about 25+ times, but don’t worry about it.
  • We shall switch off the heat after our 20 minutes are up. Now we wait for the pressure to go down.
  • Open the cooker and make sure to insert a toothpick in the sweet to check its consistency. If you do everything correctly, it will come out perfectly. Not closing the lid, doesn’t affect the taste/texture of our Bengali sweet.
  • If any liquid has gone inside the ramekin, we shall just slant it on its side, and we’ll get rid of the excess liquid. Or you could only unmold on a plate and then remove the liquid.

Serve it right on the ramekin and make itself garnished with nuts or fruits of your choice. Delicious appetizing dessert is served.

Himanshu Shah
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