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Dry Fruits Laddu: Combination Of Dates And Nuts

Dry Fruits Laddu

At the end of the day, we all get tired, and we need a food item that can give us instant energy. If you are looking for a food item like this, dry fruits laddu (dinkache ladoo) is a great option to try. This laddu is prepared by using lots of dry fruits, coconut, and jaggery. It is an easy and tasty sweet dish that is healthy and full of nutritional benefits.


  • Three cups whole wheat flour
  • One cup grated coconut
  • One cup split urad dal
  • One cup dry dates powder
  • One cup jaggery powder
  • One cup ghee
  • One cup mixed nuts
  • One cup natural gum
  • ½ teaspoon cardamom powder
  • ½ teaspoon nutmeg powder
  • One teaspoon dry ginger powder

How To Prepare?

  1. To begin preparing the Dinkache ladoo, heat a pan and dry roast the black urad dal on a low flame.
  2. Keep steering the dal to be sure that it doesn’t catch the bottom of the pan. You will get a nice aroma when you roast the dal. Take out the dal on another plate and let it cool down for a bit. Once it gets cool, grind it to a fine powder.
  3. Grate the dry coconut using a grinder. Take the edible gum and make a fine powder out of it.
  4. Roast the dry fruits on low flame for five minutes. Once it gets cool, grind them in a mixer.
  5. Heat a pan with a heavy bottom and add ½ cup ghee to it. Add urad dal to it and fry on low flame till it is pink in color. This may take almost five minutes.
  6. Add wheat flour to the urad dal in batches and keep on stirring. Roast the wheat flour for 10-minutes without adding ghee.
  7. To this mixture, add the powdered gym. Roast it again for 3-minutes.
  8. Now add the powdered dry dates to it. Also, add grated coconut and chopped nuts to the mixture. Keep on steering all of them by using a spoon.
  9. Switch off the heat and add jaggery, dry ginger powder, and nutmeg powder to the mixture. Blend everything well. You can also try to taste the ladoo at this time.
  10. Now your ladoo mixture is ready. Now start giving a round shape to the ladoo.
  11. Make ladoos when the mixture is warm. If the mixture cools down, it will get difficult to bind ladoos.
  12. On cooling, keep ladoos in an airtight container.

Serve these delicious ladoos to your guests, and you will get lots of appreciation.

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