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Dussehra Special: Jalebi Fafda And Chutney

Jalebi Fafda Recipe

Dussehra is observed with a lot of excitement and fanfare, primarily in North Indian Festivals. This contains Ram Lila, a stage version of the true story of Rama. Ravana effigies are always filled with firecrackers and set fires in open fields at night with Meghnado Ravana’s son and Kumbhkarana Ravana’s uncle.

Usually, on Dussehra, people eat something sweet, and that’s why many of us buy varieties of sweets from various states. Jalebi is one of the most popular sweet for Dussehra. Have you ever tested jalebi with fafda and chutney? Many Gujarati families love to make these jalebi fafda at home. Let’s see the recipe.


For Besan Mixture

1⁄4 cup besan. 1⁄4 cup besan.

The air of 1.5 cups

1⁄8 tea cubicle or 2 or 3 pinches of water.

1⁄8 tea cubicle or 2 to 3 pinches of powder chili

Salt as appropriate.

Required Materials

Gas 1⁄2 cucharco.

Two tea cubicles with mortuaries

6-7 leaves of curry

One hot chili – or one tablespoon finely minced

1 inch or one tartar of ginger

One pinch (asafetida) 1 pinch Hing

Lemon juice 2-3 teaspoons or attach as required.

1⁄2 teaspoon of sugar or add as necessary.

Mixture Of Besan

  • In a mixing dish, take a fifth of a cup of besan (gram meal).
  • Stir in the pepper powder from 2 to 3 pins, the red pepper, and the salt as desired. 2 to 3 pins.
  • Attach 1.5 pots of tea. Remove gas.
  • Mix very well to produce a heavy lumps slurry (or solution).

Making Fafda Chutney

  • In a saucepan or other bowl, heat 1⁄2 tablespoon oil. Add 1⁄2 tablespoon of mustard and snap. Keep small with the blaze.
  • Remove one green chili and one tablespoon of finely minced ginger as the mustard seed drops.
  • Saute before ginger’s coarse scent is gone. It needs a handful of seconds.
  • Attach six or seven curry leaves and one asafoetida pinch (hing). Really strong blending.
  • Apply the slurry besan. Blend and mix.
  • Simmer on a moderate to medium-low flame the besan chutney mixture.
  • Shift at intervals such that the lumps do not shape, and the blend does not adhere to the saucepan’s base.
  • Soak 6-7 minutes. Simmer. The chutney of Besan is thickening. Test the taste and not the rawness of besan. Cook for a few more minutes if you notice rawness in a Besan. When it seems thick, apply more water to the chutney.
  • Uphold 1⁄2 teaspoon of sugar until the besan chutney has cooled. Really strong blending.
  • Turn off the fire and use lemon juice to 2 or 3 teaspoons or substitute more if appropriate.
  • Mix enough. Always.
  • Represent chutney fafda with fafda, gathiya or chorafali, or gota methi.

Fafda Jalebi Recipe

Time to get ready: 5 minutes

Time for cooking 15-20 mins

Maintenance: 4


All-Purpose Meal: 1 cup. 1 cup.

Powder of cardamom: 1/2 tsp.

Rapid Rise Yeast: 1 tsp (regular yeast may be substituted but should be shown to be sprayed in the warm water for 5-10.

Maize thickness: 2 tsp.

Kurdish / Yogurt: 1 dc.

3/4 cup hot tea!

Ghee or Oil: 1 tsp.

Food Color Yellow: 1/2 pinch

For Syrup:

For Sugar: With Oil

Subcuments: 1 1/4 cups.

Water: 1 tablespoon

Safran: squeaky.

Juice of citrus: 1 tsp.

The stuff of cardamom: 1/4 dc.

The water of the rose: a few fall

  • Add food, cardamom powder, yeast, and corn starch easily and combine gently in a tub. In a blender, add together.
  • Stir in the butter and ghee, yogurt and pinch lemon and warm water, then blend until no globs are there.
  • Add warm water to the large bowl or container and put the pot within the larger pan with the batter.
  • After 15 minutes of rest, continue with the syrup and heat oil to fry the Jalebi.
  • Place tea, rosé water, sugar, and yellow food in a heavy bottom pot and boil to maintain consistency in the string. In medium-strong blaze for around 15 minutes.
  • Smaller flame to thin, saffron, cardamom powder, lemon juice, and mix well just before the syrup is finished.
  • Heat the oil + peanut oil in a deep bottomed medium saucepan over medium heat; oil ready to fry if it sizzles and burns without being burnt in a drop of batter in the oil.
  • Using a spout or a Ziploc bag with a tiny hole or a packaging tube to put a ketchup or mustard container in the center. Mix the Jalebi Batter well fermented and press the batter in a circular motion and push onto hot oil. Flour. Create three to five circles per section and finish the round by overlapping the tip at the top.
  • Fry to the bottom of the chair and switch to the other hand once.
  • Remove the Jalebi, extract excess oil, and put in sugar syrup directly.
  • Let the Jalebi stay in the syrup just a minute; flip to cover both sides, shake off excess sugar syrup and position it on a tray.

Taste it hot with yogurt/curd or allow it to cool down and place it in a tightly fitted bottle.

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