Eid Special Dawat: Sheer Khurma Recipe

Eid Special Dawat: Sheer Khurma Recipe

Sheer Khurma is a popular dish for the Eid Festival. The dessert is produced from milk and dried fruits cooked in lightweight vermicelli. For a special taste, saffron is applied to it. Here is a delicious recipe of Sheer Khurma for you.

Sheer Khurma Ingredients And Recipe

Time to prepare: 10 minutes

Food time: 30 min.

In a saucepan, boil ghee.

Remove the flowers, chironji, and cashew nuts to golden grey.

Put the plate forward.

Fry the Vermicelli in the same ghee until golden brown.

Put the plate forward.

Take fresh milk to a boil in a saucepan.

Cook until it is halved.

Prepare broths and vermicelli for 5-6 minutes. Apply to heat.

Sprinkle powder of saffron and cardamom and cook until you reach the perfect consistency.

Sheer Khurma is a delicious dessert of dried berries, ghee, and butter. It is a basic recipe, and various variants are needed in producing pure Khurma. So first roast the Vermicelli and then apply it to the milk with the difference. The Vermicelli are then fried until they are soft for a few more minutes. When the mixture of Vermicelli and milk thickens to the edge, dried fruits are introduced, fried in ghee.

I had to add only 1.5 tbsp sugar in this simple khurma as the dates I used were very sweet—the fragrance in all years and raisins. Change the sugar level to your preference accordingly.


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