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Enjoy The Latest Trend Of Kulfi Filled In Fruits

Kulfi Filled In Fruits

Kulfi is a famous dessert made up of flavored milk, sugar and is more or less like ice cream and nuts. It comes in subtle Indian authentic flavors like cardamom, saffron, and pistachio. All the ingredients mentioned above are mixed in milk and are frozen together until solid.

The Kulfi Filled in fruits is, however, an entirely new trend. This involves the process where the fruit is taken and cut hollow from inside, and the kulfi material is poured right into the fruit. It is easy to make and adds a pulpy fruit taste to the Kulfi, making it taste better.

Desserts like kulfi and ice cream must be mouth-watering, to make it yummy you need to follow the proper instructions. If you are motivated to make yourself a similar kulfi, the following are the ingredients and the instructions you can follow step by step to achieve the amazing Kulfi filled-in fruits.

Ingredients To Make Fruit Kulfi

  • Milk

Milk is the most vital ingredient to make the Kulfi and hence milk. According to your convenience, it can be fat-free, or skimmed or full cream milk or any milk, around 750ml. However, please note the quantity of milk can change according to the number of people served.

  • Sugar

Sugar is again required to sweeten the milk, it is preferable to use the white powdered sugar as it mixes well into the milk, but brown sugar or granules can also be directly used instead of powder. The suggestable quantity of sugar in terms of 750ml milk would be 80gms.

  • Fruit

The next most obvious and important ingredient is fruit, we are choosing a prototype fruit mango to explain the process, but any fruit of your desire can be chosen.

  • Fruit Pulp

Fruit Pulp means the extracted fruit that is taken out of the fruit to make it hollow. In our recipe, it is mango pulp.


  1. Choose a ripened but firm fruit and medium-size should do and then slice the top part of the fruit and store it for later, the top part means the area near the stem part.
  2. Once you are done slicing the top of the fruit, the second step would be to scoop out the pulp or the fruit content from inside the fruit. Tip for fruits like mango that are soft; you can roll them between your hands to loosen the pulp in the fruit. And as specified in the ingredients, we save the pulp and use it later.
  3. The third step would require us to heat the sugar and the pulp we preserved till the mixture thickens and the sugar seems to have dissolved entirely in the mixture.
  4. Now run the pulp through a sieve to remove the larger lumps of the pulp of fruit from the entire pulp.
  5. Once the pulp is sieved, the next step would be boiling the milk after adding sugar to it until it is almost half and stir it constantly to keep it from burning. Once done with stirring, the milk should be refrigerated for two to three hours.
  6. After 2-3 hours, remove the container of milk and sugar and then to the milk, add the mixture of fruit pulp and sugar we made in step 3, then use a spatula or a blender for a uniform blend or mix.
  7. Now use the hollowed-out fruits from step 2, add to the hollow fruit the mixture of cold milk and pulp from step 6, and put it in the freezer. It is best after 24 hours of freezing time.

The frozen fruits with the tasty Kulfi can be served as a great desert and can also help you beat the heat in style and the richness of real fruit and pulp.

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