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Food Stories: Best Food Of Ahmedabad

Gujarati dishes are genuinely one of a kind filled with a variety of unique spices, aroma, and flavors. With many styles of chutneys, pickles, farsan, etc. the dishes also boast of high nutritional value. A typical Gujarati dish is a palate-pleasing amalgam of the sweet and sour taste.

If you visit Ahmedabad, you are bound to be greeted by its many streets and alleys brimming with people feasting on the dhoklas, kadhi, or Kandhavi. Few places a gourmet person must visit to explore the culinary expanse of this place are:

  1. Manek Chowk

Manek Chowk

This is a city square situated amidst historical structures in the old Ahmedabad, filled with food joints that have all the kind of street food that one can find in Gujarat. Methi Na Gota, Sev puri, cold drink and gola, delicious pav bhaji, Chinese food, and much more are available in their most authentic form in any of the stalls here.

  1. Induben Khakrawala

Induben Khakrawala

Khakhras are the specialty of Gujarat. This crispy snack is a perfect companion to a hot cup of tea or as breakfast; Induben Khakrawala presents 50 mouth-watering variety of this crunchy dish.

  1. Law Garden

Law Garden

You will find it in the heart of the city where food lovers often go. The variety of food in this place is enormous. From pav bhaji to hot dhoklas to spicy vadas, the stalls in this place have it all.

  1. Das Khaman House

Das Khaman House

Khaman is again another dish unique to Gujarat. The snack, apart from being juicy, is also healthy. You can find it at every nook and corner of Ahmedabad, but if you want to taste the best of its kind, then Das Khaman house is where you must head to. Khaman with coriander chutney and green chilies is a taste you will remember for long.

  1. Oswal’s Jalebi Fafda

Oswal’s Jalebi Fafda

A never-seen combination of Jalebi with papaya, coriander chutney, and fafda awaits you at Oswal’s Jalebi Fafda. If you are a Jalebi lover or even someone with a sweet tooth, then you would surely be tempted to come back for another serving of this delightful dessert.

Final Words:

Ahmedabad is a place for food lovers where people put a lot of effort into cooking their specialties to perfection. Their flavorful food has all the ingredients that a foodie would be drawn to. You will find all kinds of food in this place which are packed with nutrition and taste.

Yash Shah
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