Healthy Mango Smoothie Recipe - 4 Varieties Of Mango Smoothies

A mango has enough reasons to be called ‘the king’ of fruits, and those are not just good but excellent reasons for you to make it a part of your routine diet, and they are:

  1. Rich in Copper: helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis.
  2. It contains a high amount of fibre a natural remedy for poor digestion.
  3. Lowers Cholesterol.
  4. Boosted immune system
  5. Rich in Vitamin A and C: Improves vision.

…and many more. Now that we know the benefits of a Mango let’s take a look at recipes to make our Monday mornings modish with a ripe yellow mango smoothie.

  1. Mango Mastani:

Mango Mastani

This recipe will be ready in 8 minutes tops if you have all the ingredients in reach.

Shopping List:

  1. Ripe mangoes – 2 size medium
  2. Condensed Milk – 250 ml
  3. Vanilla almond ice cream – 4 scoops
  4. Sugar – 100gms
  5. Chocolate sauce, cashew, almonds, pistachios, tutti- fruity


– Wash the mangoes thoroughly. [ tip: use a few drops of vinegar for deep cleansing]

– Peel them and chop them up into small pieces.

– Blend the mango pieces into fine pulp without any lumps.

– Add 250 ml condensed milk. (tip: boil the milk and cool it down to room temperature while using toned milk. Use Nestle condensed milk for rich taste as it is widely acclaimed as the best.)

– Add 100 gm Sugar, as per taste. (For people aiming at weight loss are suggested to use honey)

– Blend all the ingredients.

– For flavor, add two scoops ice cream and blend well.

– Now, pour the smoothie into glasses and add an ice-cream scoop on top and garnish it with chopped almonds, pistachios, cashew, and tutti-fruity.

– Your smoothie is ready to be served.

* If you want a chilled smoothie, its best to blend the mangoes with ice cubes. You can use readily available frozen mangoes or freeze them overnight.

* Its better served cold and as early as possible.

  1. One Minute Smoothie:

One Minute Smoothie

If you are an employee and are busy getting ready for work, then this is a recipe for you, which you can enjoy on the go.


  1. Frozen Mangoes
  2. Plain Greek Yogurt
  3. Milk


 -Wash and peel the mangoes.

 – Chop them up before they go in the freezer at night.

 -Now all you have to do is put frozen mango pieces in the blender

 -Add 100ml cold milk to the blender

 -Then goes a tablespoon plain Greek yogurt

 -One frozen Banana, which is optional.

 – Grind every item together.

 – Serve it by pouring it into your favorite smoothie jar.

* Adding a banana is optional.

* If you want your smoothie to be thick, instead of toned milk, add condensed milk.

  1. Very Berry Mango Smoothie:

Very Berry Mango Smoothie

This recipe is for those berries’ lovers, who can’t get enough of berry fruits. This recipe will be a mixture of strawberries or blueberries or raspberries.

If you are feeling blue lighten up with a mango blueberry smoothie.


  1. 2 Mangoes
  2. 500 gm blueberries
  3. Coconut Milk
  4. Ice cubes
  5. Condensed milk (optional)


– Thoroughly wash the mangoes and blueberries.

– Skin the mangoes and chop them up.

– Add Mongo pieces and coconut milk to the blender and blend it until no lumps are left.

– Now berry time, add frozen blueberries or fresh blueberries and blend all the ingredients.

– Add ice cubes, only if one is not using frozen berries.

– Pour it into your special smoothie jar and garnish it with mango pieces and can add dry fruits, as per one’s choice.

– If you want your smoothie as a thick shake, you can add condensed milk and an ice cream scoop.

*in the above recipe, blueberries can be substituted with strawberries or raspberries according to one’s taste.

  1. Mango With Green Twist:

Mango With Green Twist

Your workout at the gym is complete with a refreshing yet healthy mango smoothie with a hint of something green.


  1. 2 Ripe Mangoes.
  2. Spinach
  3. 4 Kiwi.
  4. Almond Milk [tip: One can also use coconut milk, walnut milk or yogurt]


– Take the mangoes to soak them for 10 minutes before peeling and cutting them into pieces.

– Wash spinach leaves by soaking them in water and adding few drops of vinegar for about 10 minutes.

– Blend mango pieces and spinach into a fine pulp.

– Add Kiwi to this mixture. [Tip: Kiwi skin is edible. Hence it can add the fruit directly without peeling it.]

– Add almond milk and blend all the ingredients.

– Pour it into a glass and garnish it with kiwi and mango pieces.

Smoothies are the best way to feel full when you are on a diet. They are healthy yet tasty. We will meet again with five more recipes.

Stay fit. Stay happy.


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