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Healthy Super Easy Ragi Pizza Recipe

Ragi Pizza

Ragi is known as a superfood these days because of the high levels of nutrients present in it. The ragi pizza not only looks great, but it is also a delicious item. For people who want to have delicious food that is also healthy, there is no better option than ragi pizza. The gluten-free pizzas can be easily made without the addition of yeast. Thus, you will get homemade, healthy pizzas instantly.

Do you Want to try fast food that is super healthy and super easy to cook? Try delicious ragi pizza at home. You will love the look, taste, as well as nutritional level of this pizza—Cook ragi pizza by following this recipe and let us know if you loved it or not.

The best part about ragi mini pizza is that it comes up with a simple and easy-to-follow recipe. You won’t need more than 30-minutes to prepare this pizza from scratch. So, for all pizza lovers, get ready to try this yummy and gluten-free pizza.

Before we move towards preparing ragi pizza, let’s know the ingredients you need to prepare this delicious pizza at home.


● Two cups of ragi flour

● ½ cup warm water for kneading

● One tablespoon oil

● Salt as per your taste.

● Pizza sauce

● One cup grated cheese

● ¾ cups finely chopped veggies (as per your taste)

● Two tablespoon mix Italian herbs

Cooking Process

  1. Start the process by adding ragi flour, oil, and salt to a bowl. Start kneading it slowly by adding a bit of lukewarm water as per the need.
  2. Keep kneading it for 10-15 minutes and add water periodically.
  3. When it is kneaded into a soft dough, create small dough balls from them.
  4. Gently thicken the dough balls to form a pizza base.
  5. Since the base is small and you don’t want to make it too thin, it is advisable to flatten it using your hands. In case you are not comfortable using your hands, you can also use a rolling pin. But, make sure to roll the dough gently, or else you will get a very thin crust.
  6. After the base is created, make 10-15 small holes in it.
  7. Heat a pan on medium flame. Cook the base you have created from both sides until it changes the color and becomes lighter in color and crispier on the surface. But, keep in mind not to burn the base of your ragi pizza.
  8. Put off the flame and keep the pizza base on a plate. On the surface of the ragi pizza base, spread lots of pizza sauce on the base.
  9. Add grated cheese and chopped veggies on top.
  10. If you like your pizza to be a bit more melting in your mouth, add more grated cheese on top to make the pizza even more delicious.
  11. Finally, put them into a flat pan and cover them with a lid to create insulation.
  12. Cook until the cheese melts completely or the veggies are semi-cooked.

Final Words

Pizza is not always an unhealthy option. When a pizza base is made up of ragi, you don’t have to worry at all about the health factor. Try the delicious and healthy ragi pizza, and you will never like any other pizza base. Rate the ragi pizza by trying out the recipe we have mentioned.

Enjoy the delicious and healthy pizza when it is piping hot. Let us know how much you loved this pizza.

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