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How To Bake A Cake Without Oven?


Today might be another one of those days where you sit and wonder why you don’t have an oven yet. You might think without an oven, your baking chances are null, but here we are to prove that wrong. If you don’t have an oven, but you have a cake craving, don’t fret because you’re in the right place. Here are the instructions to make a basic light and fluffy vanilla sponge cake without an oven. so let’s get baking

Materials Required:

  • A Stove
  • An Aluminium cooker
  • A cake Pan of the desired size.
  • Sand to fill the cooker.

Bake A Cake Without Oven Recipe


1All-Purpose Flour1.5 Cup
2Sugar¾ the Cup
3Oil½ cup
4Baking Powder1.5 Teaspoon
5Baking Soda1 Teaspoon
6Vanilla Essence1.5 Teaspoon
7Yogurt1 Teaspoon

Cooking Method:

Prepping the cooker for baking:

Add sand to the cooker filling almost 2 to 3 inches from the bottom. Make sure to remove the gasket and the whistle of the cooker.

Preheat the cooker on high flame to act as a preheated oven.

Next, grease a pan with butter throughout evenly to avoid sticking of the cake to your pan.

Preparing the Batter:

Sieve the all-purpose flour once and keep it aside

Beat the sugar and yogurt till little bubbles are visible.

Add baking soda and baking powder to this mixture and wait till it forms air bubbles.

Take the buttered cake pan and add a tablespoon of flour and dust it all over the pan.

Wait for five minutes, then add vanilla essence to the mixture.

After adding the essence, add the oil and mix gently.

To this, concoction slowly add the sieved flour and obtain the batter.

Final step:

Transfer the batter into the cooking pan and place it inside the preheated cooker with a low flame for around 40 to 45 minutes.

Keep checking at timed intervals to prevent it from burning.

Insert a toothpick inside to check if the cake is ready.

The cake is ready only if the toothpick is clean while taking it out.

Remove the cake pan and let it cool for an hour or so.


The cooled down cake is now ready to eat, though you can get creative and decorate it with homemade frostings, fruits, nuts and many more. This cake made entirely without an oven is your space to create art, and the best part is you get to eat it too!

Himanshu Shah
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