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How To Make A Veg Sizzler With Home Ingredients?

Veg Sizzler Recipe

Veg sizzler is nothing but full of vegetables served on hot plates with different masala and causes. This dish purely contains all types of vegetables full of flavors and nutrition, vitamins, etc.; if you want to have something healthy full of taste and still less time to cook and easy and quick to serve, you can go for a veg sizzler.

When we heard about sizzlers, we suddenly start thinking about restaurants, but in this article, we will tell you how to make veg sizzler at home by using available ingredients at home.

Sizzlers are very easy to cook and full of vegetables. The quickest recipe was full of vegetables. It can serve as a perfect dinner party night meal. Nowadays, veg sizzlers are also trending. Sizzlers can be made using pasta, noodles, rice, paneer, etc.

Vegetable Sizzler Recipe:

We can serve sizzlers full of fry vegetables with rice and aloo Tikki on the sizzling iron plate.
You need approx 50 minutes to cook this, including preparation time.


Aloo Tikki
• Mint rice
• Butter
• Vegetables like potato, carrot, beans, bitter gourd, capsicum, onion flower, cabbage, etc.
• You can add more veggies as per your choice, and you can discard them as per your choice.
• Two tablespoon oil, butter.
• Jeera powder
• Salt and black pepper
• Garlic and turmeric
• Garam masala powder
• Chilli powder
• Amchur powder
• Fresh coriander leaves
• For making sauce, all-purpose flour sweet corn, milk salt, etc.

Method To Cook

• After doing all ingredients as per your choice, you want to use for making sizzler get ready.
• You can use ready-made potato Tikki and mint rice, or if you have enough time, you can make it at home easily in a time of hour minimum.
• To making a sauce of sizzler, take a big pan.
• Add butter in it, let it be hot, and melt in low flame.
• Then add garlic and all-purpose flour and sprinkle red pepper, salt, and chili flakes. Add corns too. Mix well and keep mixing and adding milk until the thick consistency of the sauce and when you feel like thickness is good enough to stop the flame.
• Fried chopped vegetables, take in the pan, add all the masalas like turmeric garam masala and black pepper powder, and let them cook for 5 minutes.
• Once all things are done, heat sizzler plate and great presentation sense put vegetables with Tikki of aloo and mint rice spread sauce that we made on that and with fresh coriander leaves serve it hot.


This easiness of article suggests you can make a hot veg sizzler at your home with easily available ingredients in your kitchen. This recipe will help you to give a healthy and tasty touch to your dinner night. When you are busy with day to day life, and you have not much time for dinner arrangement still you want to do something unique and fancy then you can do dinner meal as veg sizzler best and easy way to make it. Fully healthy, delicious, and quick to cook. And your desire of creating something new than ordinary fulfilled.

Veg sizzler recipe is full of veggies delicious souse and touch of your another side adds like pasta, noodles, rice, paneer beans, etc. full of flavors and full of healthy ingredients veg sizzler you can make at your home with the help of our article.

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