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How To Make Crispy Gujarati Fafda?

Crispy Gujarati Fafda Recipe

Fafda is a popular Gujarati snack made from seeds of green flour, turmeric, and carom. It is fried crisp and served with the sauce.

In Hindu scriptures, it is customary that any fasting should be eaten from Hari. According to the scriptures, the reason for Jalebi is that Lord Ram loved sweet Shashkuli (Hanuman), and Hanuman loves things made from the flour of Harbhava flour. A popular Gujarati snack or breakfast made from besan. Puff jalebi is a popular combination that you will find in any Persian shop in Gujarat. For breakfast, people like to eat them immediately after fried.

During the Dussehra festival, you will find long strips in the Farson shop to buy hot fafda and jalebi. These are just crunchy yet soft and melt in your mouth while eating. They are not as crispy as other snacks (chakli, Shev, etc.)

The procedure may seem a bit scary, but trust me, it is elementary to do. When shaping and removing it from the board, the first couple will not fit. But the third will certainly be right. And try.

 Ingredients For Fafda

 Gram – 250 grams (2 cups)

 Salt – as per taste (half teaspoon)

 Baking soda – half a teaspoon

 Red chili – less than a quarter teaspoon (if you wish)

 Celery – half a teaspoon

 Oil – 4-5 tablespoons

 Oil for frying – oil

 Method – How To Make Fafda 

  • In a pot, filter out the gram flour. Add salt, food soda, red pepper, oregano, and oil in the besan, mix everything well by hand.
  • With the help of water, knead the soft dough, massage the dough, lift it, turn it, knead for 6/7 minutes (it takes less than half a cup of water to put the dough). Cover the knotted dough for half an hour.
  • After half an hour, massage the dough thoroughly and grease it. Now, break this dough and make a small dough (equal to a large plum).
  • Take a smooth board of wood to roll the puff, make a dough a little longer and place it under the palm above the board, push the sling forward by pressing with the palm, remove the thin leaf by rolling it under the pile.
  • Place the extracted Fafda from the board in a smooth plate, make all the Fafda one at a time and place in the dish.
  • Heat the oil by adding oil in the pan, lift 1- 2 -3 Fafda in hot oil and press it with a spoon and fry till the Fafda is lightly brown and crisp, remove it in a plate. Prepare all the papaya by frying it like this. If you can make a rash quickly, then you can make a rash and put it in the hot oil in the pan and fry it as well. Otherwise, the method of making it on the plate is excellent.
  • We have used a knife to remove the scaffold from the board because we do not have the elastic leaf that is used to remove the scalp, the knife is not as flexible as it is, it can still be used.
  • The crisp, delicious crust is ready. Serve the fafda with sour sauce or green coriander sauce and eat it. Fill the remaining puff in an airtight container, remove the tear from the box whenever you want, and eat hot tea with hot tea.

 Tip: Papad salt is poured into the flour of fafda, baking soda can be added if papad salt is not found. If you are adding papad salt, then use 2 tbsp. of papad Khar in 2 cups of the basin and use the papad Khar in water first, see the method in the video.

While kneading the dough of the puffer, it is essential to take care that it is not too soft and too hard. Allow the oil to heat up well while frying, in well hot oil, the fafda will be well prepared.

 Time – 50 minutes for  15-20 blisters.

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