How To Make Grilled Almond Burfi At Home Without Oven

The moment we hear the word sweet, all of us become more excited, and if it is a festive season, then our tummies are only filled with sweets. Starting from a child until an old aged granny, all of them tend to taste them and enjoy having them. There are more than hundreds of varieties of sweets made all over India. Each region or state has their specialty, and they excel in those types of desserts. There are different methods in making a special sweet itself, and now let us look into how to make grilled almond burfi at home without an oven.

Traditional Ways Of Making Barfi:

Almond Barfi Recipe

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However, it was only our ancestors who started the idea of making sweets, and they followed their recipes and methods in making them. Some of the different ways in making a burfi were, soaking, blending, peeling, and later adding it to reduced milk. Then it is cooked for an extended period to get a consistency of high thickness. The almond burfi is now dipped into milk or ghee. As years go on, there might be some changes happening in making and baking them.

Ingredients Required:

Let us see some of the ingredients required in making a grilled almond burfi. Almonds, almond flour or meal, sugar syrup, water, color, flavor. Let us look into the process of making it. Soak the almond in water and after some time, due to the moisture content in them, toast it and allow them to dry. To make it dry, we can also put them under sunshine. This is an essential step as dry almonds tend to make our recipe to come out with excellent results. Now from these dry almonds, let us see how to make the almond flour. Now start grinding or blending the dry almonds. The almond flour is excellent, and the extra course enables us to make the sweet, more delicious. Do not try to blend the almonds too much because, if so, they start releasing oils.

Sugar is a sweet syrup that makes our dish yummier and favoring. The almond flour or almond meal is mixed with this sugar syrup. Water is an essential ingredient that is required for any recipe. So it tends to change the nature of the sweet as a whole. To avoid such mishaps, add just the amount of water as required. Color is just added to the recipe so that it would be attractive and colorful at the end. They do not change the flavor of our sweet. Only the extra flavors added at the end, or the artificial flavor will add on to the different changes in the sweet.

The Preparation Process:

Almond Barfi Recipe

Let us look in detail how the almond burfi is made. Here we will see the number of ingredients, its quantity, and the cooking time required to make the sweet. Pour two cups of water in the pan and boil it. Add almonds to it and leave it as it is for two minutes. Now drain them properly. After this, immediately pour cold water to rinse them thoroughly. Take it separately and allow it to dry off completely. This can be done by spreading them on an absorbent cloth, which is a cloth that is capable of spreading and absorbing the water quickly within a short period. Now after drying it, peel of or remove off the almond skin. It can be done with the help of a sharp knife or a sharp scrapper. After this, grind the almonds to make it powdery.

But the most important thing is we must not mix or grind the moist almonds. As always, moist almonds mustn’t be powdered. To make this process fast and quick, we can toast these almonds at a minimum amount of heat. Now we find that all the moisture content vanishes quickly.

Now we get a delicious and yummy almond burfi.


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