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How To Make Homemade Chawanprash In 30 Minutes?

Chawanprash is a sweet combination of minerals and vitamins like vitamin C, B complex, phosphorus compounds, and essential antioxidants. These help to boost immunity in humans, especially children. Children are easily prone to weather fluctuations, which may likely cause cold, cough, or flu. Store-bought Chawanprash, have a lot of added preservatives, which may lower the nutritional content. Sometimes, these preservatives can also cause additional health problems, mostly among children.

Chawanprash is easy to make and can be made at home. Chawanprash recipe is not a complex one and doesn’t require a lot of ingredients. Preparing a homemade Chawanprash, will give the total nutritional value to your children without any harm and will increase the immunity in your kids.

Ice Cream

Prepare Chawanprash with this recipe in just 30 minutes at home.

Ingredients required for Chawanprash:

Part 1:

 ✔️ Amla also is known as Indian Gooseberry about half kg

✔️ Water: as needed for boiling

✔️ Jaggery 1 cup

✔️ Ghee 1/4th cup

✔️Raisins 1/4th cup (without seeds)

✔️Dates 1/4th cup

Part 2:

✔️ Cardamon: 6 pieces

✔️ Kaali Mirch: 9 pieces

✔️ Daal chini: 1 medium stick

✔️ Kesar: 5 to 6 Strands

✔️ Star Anise: half

✔️ Zeera: 1 tbsp

✔️ Laung: 7 pieces

Grind all these together to form a fine powder.

Instructions and detailed recipe of Chawanprash:

Wash and boil the Amla in the pressure cooker. Up to 2 whistles will be sufficient. Drain the Amla, and let it cool. Do not throw the leftover water. Put dates and raisins in this water. It will make them softer, and also will add flavor to your Chawanprash. After the Amla gets cooled, blend with dates and raisins and form a smooth paste. Add the leftover Amla water slowly only to get a smoother puree. Add water as much required,r if added, will take a longer time to evaporate.

Now add ghee in a pan. Gradually add this puree. Let it cook for some time, till ghee oozes at the top. Add Jaggery to this puree. Now add the grinded spices. Let it cook for some time until the mixture does not stick to the pan.

If you find this mixture less sweet, according to your child’s preference, you can add more Jaggery.

Once the mixture is prepared, let it be cool. Transfer this into an airtight container. Refrigerate this Chawanprash for longer shelf life.

This can be consumed as 1 tbsp with a glass of milk by everyone, young or adult.

We did not add honey in this, as the mixture was heated. Honey on being heated may undergo chemical reactions. Hence Jaggery was used for sweetness.

Tip: to check whether the Chawanprash is ready to use, make a small ball of this mixture, and add this in water. If it sinks, it’s available for use. If it spreads, you need to cook it more.

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