How To Make Noodles Samosa At Home: Delicious Farsan Recipe

Noodles samosa or Chinese samosa is made with spicy noodles and some vegetable stuffing that is satisfying and delicious. It is a mix of Indian and Chinese flavors and the most loved tidbits.

Both Noodles and Samosa are the most cherished dishes in India. Till now, we have all been savoring both the things independently; however, have you ever contemplated the astounding “Jugalbandi” of Noodles and Samosa. Indeed, it is conceivable, with Noodles stuffed inside the samosa alongside other ground Indian flavors making a dangerous mix of Noodles Samosa. It tastes best when presented with tamarind chutney or mint chutney. Along these lines, attempt this formula today and relish it with your friends and family.


→ All-purpose flour 300 grams. 

→ Carom seeds 1/2 teaspoon. 

→ Salt to taste. 

→ Oil as required. 

→ Water 2 cups. 

→ Ginger 1/2 teaspoon. 

→ Garlic 1/2 teaspoon. 

→ Carrots 1 cup 

→ Cabbage 1/4 cup. 

→ Bell peppers one cup

→ Red bean sauce two teaspoons. 

→ Soya sauce two tablespoons. 

→ MSG (discretionary) 1 squeeze. 

→ Spring onions two tablespoons. 

→ Cornstarch 1 teaspoon. 

→ Noodles(boiled) 1 cup. 

→ Beans 2 tablespoons. 

How To Make Samosa

Step -1

Warm one tablespoon oil in a skillet, and when it gets hot, add finely slashed ginger, garlic, a spot of salt, and blend well. 


Include juliennes of beans, carrot, finely slashed cabbage, ringer peppers, red stew sauce, soya sauce, MSG (discretionary), and mix well. 


Include finely slashed spring onions and on medium heat, fry the vegetables until the dampness is no more. 

Step 4

Sprinkle little cornstarch (to retain the dampness), throw some bubbled noodles, and mix well. 

Step 5

Move the mixture to a plate and let it cool. 

In a blending bowl, include flour, carom seeds, salt, a little oil, and water, and blend the flour to make a hardened batter. 

Spread the mixture and rest for around 30 minutes. 

Gap the mixture into equivalent segments and, with the folding pin’s assistance, shape them into lengthened puri shape and cut in the middle and keep aside. 

Take one sheet, apply water on the sheet’s edges, bring the two closures nearer and seal to make a pocket. 

Stuff a spoon brimming with Chinese noodles stuffing and seal the top pleasantly. Marginally crush the edges to fill the edges appropriately. Make the remainder of the samosas and keep aside. 

Deep fry these samosas in medium hot oil until they are fresh and brilliant in shading, a slight brown color.


Serve these delicious samosas hot with chutneys. You will always find the regular samosa in the market, but try making this unique and delicious recipe that your kids and adults will enjoy eating. This fascinating combination formula will take your adoration for snacks up by a score.


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