How To Make Sugar Free Modak - Delicious Sugar Free Desserts

Sugar Free Modak Recipe

With the sugary punch it carries, this doughy dessert is a famous heartwarming delicacy all over India. Served on Ganesh Chaturthi as offerings, these twenty-one pieces of Modak are comforting memory for many, more so when they make their way into your belly. The coconut and jaggery filling bursting with flavor cause a twinkle in our eyes, watering our mouths as we reminisce on the joy we felt when you took that first bite into that rice flour parcel. As times change, so do recipes, in place of those classics are the leaner and healthier version of those meals being served but never straying away from the tradition of serving Modak.

This includes two different quick-fire, zero cooking, and a less drastic recipe for our favorite, an oldie revamped!


  • Pitted dates
  • Desiccated coconut
  • Almonds
  • Pistachios
  • Cashews
  • Modak mould

Modak moulds are easily available on Amazon India for as little as Rs99/-. 

This recipe requires that you have a food processor at home! 

  1. In the processor, add dates and coconuts together, which are pulsed to create a paste with a thick consistency mixture.
  2. Slice and chop the assortment of nuts (almonds, pistachios, and Cashews) finely.
  3. In a large bowl, pour out the dates coconut paste.
  4. Mix in the sliced nuts to the paste.
  5. Knead gently to combine all the ingredients and ensure that all the wet (coconut and dates paste) and dry (all sliced and chopped nuts) are evenly distributed in our “dough.”
  6. Pack the dough very firmly into the mould.

Unlike when making traditional Modak with moulds, no ghee is used on the moulds. Also, both cavities are filled to the brim with the dough as there is no filling to be added later.

  1. Set aside to set for ten minutes to all them to hold the shape of Modak from the mould.
  2. Finally, remove from the mould, and they are ready to be served!

This is an easy recipe that could be a great way to get the kids engaged in helping to prepare meals for the feats, giving mom less work to do.

If the no-cook recipe is not for you, I suggest the following as alternate that also contains no less sugar compared to the traditional method.

You will need:

  • Cashews
  • Almonds
  • Raisins
  • Poppy seeds
  • Dates
  • Ghee
  • Milk
  • Milk powder
  • Rice flour

Modak moulds are used here too.

  1. In a pan melt a teaspoon of ghee and slowly toast finely chopped Cashews, Almonds, and raisins.
  2. Add poppy seeds and chopped dates, roast to a low flame. Remove from fire and place aside.
  3. Melt ghee in ¼ cup milk, then add ½ cup milk powder. Stir well while breaking lumps at low heat until it forms a dough-like mix.
  4. Add the fruits and nut mix, mashing and stirring together to incorporate them well. Set aside.
  5. Boil in water with salt in a pan. Add ghee and rice flour, stirring well until a dough forms.
  6. Let it sit to cool before kneading it by hand into a soft nonsticky dough.
  7. Grab a golf ball-sized amount of dough and press around the side of it to create a crater to place the filling.
  8. Pinch the sides of the dough to create those classic Modak pleats.
  9. Add a spoonful of filling and pinch the pleats together in a circular motion to enclose the filling.
  10. Steam for 10 minutes over high heat and serve.

When Using The Moulds:

  1. Coat the inner part of the mould with a thin layer of ghee, so the dough does not stick to it.
  2. On each side, place a thin layer of dough and covering it entirely and leaving a crater in the middle.
  3. Add a spoonful of filling and close the mould shut and trimming off any excess that seeps out.
  4. Leave to hold shape and steam for ten minutes before serving.


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