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How To Make Til Mawa Ladoo: Special For Lakshmi Puja

If you’re fazed by obtaining mawa for these ladoos, don’t be as most Indian provision stores can have it. For a few reasons, if you’re unable to shop for it from the store, I promise it’s easy to make at home using this method. However, though it would need some labor for the best results, please create it from scratch using this method. Trust me, and it’ll be value all the hassle. And you’ll be able to continually create a bit extra and freeze it to avoid wasting your effort within the future.

How To Make Til Mawa Ladoo

Let’s Start Making Of Til Mawa Ladoo

The most vital ingredient is til or sesame itself. I cannot begin to worry about the advantages of herb, particularly for girls. Lately, most of the store-bought sesame is comparatively clean; however, it’s better to clean them once and air-dry night long on a flat surface before using them during this recipe. Another very little hack to elevate the taste of those ladoos is mixing the fennel seeds with the sugar. Powdered sugar mixes fast and simple with the ladoo mixture, whereas the fennel gets homogeneously incorporated, resulting in a stunning flavor within the finished product.


The ingredients required to make these ladoos are

White sesame-3/4 cup

Khoya/Mawa and thickened milk- 3/4 cup

Freshly desiccated coconut- 1/4 cup

Sugar- Half cup

Fennel seeds-Half teaspoon

Green Cardamom- 3-4 pods

Chopped nuts- 1.5 tbsp (optional)

Ghee- One tsp


Blend the sugar with fennel seeds to induce a powder-like texture and keep aside

In a thick flat-bottomed cooking, pan roast the sesame seeds on a medium-low flame with continuous stirring until the seeds almost begin to show brownness. Keep aside and let cool to temperature.

Once the seeds have cooled off, blitz during a blender for a couple of seconds to induce a coarse powder. Please watch out to not mix it too long and obtain a sleek texture.

Powder the cardamom seeds and keep aside

In the same frypan, add ghee followed by khoya (mawa), and on an occasional flame, combine them well, gently breaking the khoya lumps as you go. Check that the mixture does not stick with the frypan. Continue this method for a moment roughly. If the khoya you’re using is too damp, then cook it on a low flame for about 2 minutes or until it reaches a solid consistency and starts to clump along. If the khoya is fairly dry, you’d got to “cook” it for a shorter length and may add another teaspoon of ghee.

When the mixture cools down slightly, grease your palms with some drawn butter and type into ball-sized laddoos.

The laddoos need to be made once the mixture is fairly hot; a cold mixture wouldn’t make it well.

You could additionally wet your palms with some water and make the laddoos.

 Recipe Notes

Roast coconut and herb seeds on low flame, or they’re going to burn easily. be careful consistency when creating ladoos. Don’t expect it to dry out fully, or they’re going to become hard.


These til laddu also make a decent warming sweet snack for the winters. Make the ladoo and store them, and have them whenever you would like. The instruction I even have shared makes for ten to twelve ladoos.

Lakshmi Puja

Til Mawa Ladoo is specially made to offer to goddess Laksmi on Laksmi Puja. On these days, aka the complete moon of the Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month is celebrated as Sharad Purnima and is taken into account as an auspicious day. One will appease Maa Lakhsmi on this day or as we tend to call Maa Lakshmi in India, where this day is well known as Lakshmi puja.

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