Kesar Nankhatai Making Recipe

Kesar Nankhatai

Do you have a festival around the corner like Holi, Diwali, Christmas, etc.? Or are guests coming to your home? Or your kids wish to have sweets but are bored with cakes, chocolates, etc. The answer is simple. Prepare a classic recipe for delicious Kesar Naankhatai and keep everybody happy. If you are new to this exotic dish, then you should read this description. Naankhatai is a conventional Indian shortbread cookie that is very popular as a form of snacks in the subcontinent. Unlike other cookies, this item is made using ghee instead of using butter. It is widely available in all the bakeries all over India, especially during festival time. But nothing compares to the taste and flavor of fresh Kesar nankhatai made at home.

Ingredients Used To Prepare Kesar Nankhatai

  • 5 cups flour
  • Two tablespoons of besan
  • One tablespoon of rava.
  • One-fourth tablespoon of baking soda.
  • Half a cup of ghee.
  • Half a cup of powdered sugar.
  • A small sachet of Kesari Saffron.
  • Approx ten to twelve pistachios.

Time for preparation – Preparation time is fifteen minutes, followed by a cooking time of twenty minutes. There is a passive time of twenty minutes.


Kesar Nankhatai

If you are using an oven, then you can follow these simple instructions. Preheat your oven at 180 degrees. Next, take a half cup of powdered sugar and mix it thoroughly it with half a cup of ghee. Mix it until the mixture is creamy and light. After that, you should soak one-eighth of a teaspoon of saffron and in two teaspoons of milk. Add flour, besan ( chickpea flour ), cardamom powder, cornflour, milk masala powder. For those of you who don’t have milk masala powder, use besan. You must mix all the dry constituents very well. Next, add the saffron milk and make a dough. After that, prepare tiny balls and shape them into cookies. Put all of these in a preheated oven and bake for ten minutes. After baking, cool it and then let it be stored.

If you don’t have an oven, then also there is no issue. Use a thick pressure cooker base that doesn’t have a stand. The crystal salt should be spread over the pressure cooker base, and then the stand must be placed. The pressure cooker must be heated over a very low flame for approx fifteen minutes. The dough for the cookies should be prepared by following the already mentioned steps.

Choose a plate that will fit inside the cooker. The plate should be greased very well with ghee, and the shaped cookies must be placed in a single layer. The plate must be placed on a stand, and the cooker should be closed without weight and gasket. The dough must be cooked in a low flame for fifteen to eighteen minutes. The dough should be cooled very well before being served.

To prepare the best Kesar Naankhatai, avoid over kneading the dough. The dough should be together. When you press the dough very hard, the cookie will not be crumbly and flaky. If you add besan, the flavor of these cookies becomes excellent. Ensure that the ghee is semi-solid and not very warm and melted. All these cookies must be baked very quickly. Check after approx one and a half hours, so that burning is avoided. After 15 minutes, the cookies will not be soft. After cooling, it will turn crispy. Once the color changes, you must immediately stop baking. So, enjoy your favorite dish, along with family members and guests.


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