Kurkuri Bhindi Or Bhindi Fry Recipe: Crispy Okra Fry

Kurkuri Bhindi Recipe

Today, we make a unique recipe out of bhindi- Kurkuri Bhindi, oven-baked crispy okra. Light and crisp, this dish is a popular snack.

This is regularly fried or baked. We are sharing an oven-baked version with all the crunch and not one of the guilt. Kurkuri Bhindi pairs well with dal chawal or can be enjoyed by itself as a snack.


1 lb Bhindi/Okra (500 grams); cut lengthwise

2½ tablespoon oil

One teaspoon coriander powder

One teaspoon fennel seeds; coarsely overwhelmed

½ teaspoon turmeric powder

½ teaspoon cumin powder

½ teaspoon chaat masala

¼ teaspoon purple chili powder

½ teaspoon salt, modify to taste

How To Make Kurkuri Bhindi

Step -1

Pre-heat oven to 425 F (218 C)

Step -2

Lightly oil a big baking sheet and set apart.

Step -3

In a bowl, add the reduced okra, oil, and spices. Toss lightly, ensuring all of the portions get coated.

Arrange them in arranged layers on the baking sheet.

Step -4

Bake for 15 minutes on the center rack. Remove, turn the okra and bake for 5-7 extra mins. They ought to be crisp and darkish green.

Step -5

Remove from warmth, sprinkle with a chaotic masala, and rest for two-three mins before serving.

Spread the marinated bhindi in a greased tray. Brush a few oils at the pinnacle of the bhindi. You can also upload one tablespoon oil in the marination and mix it very well with the bhindi. Bake in a pre-heated oven at a hundred and eighty stages celsius, until the bhindi is crisp and golden. For Frying Kurkuri Bhindi – in a Kadai or pan, heat two tablespoons oil. Fry the bhindi in batches. Depending on the scale of the Kadai, you could fry in 3 to four sets. For each group, you can upload 2 to a few tablespoons oil. Add the primary set of marinated bhindi after the oil gets warm. Fry on a medium flame. When one side becomes crisp, then turn over every bhindi and fry the opposite aspect.

Choose clean and tender okra; you could test the freshness of your okra by way of bending the top of it; if it snaps, it’sits fresh. Wash and thoroughly pat dry the okras. You don’t want any extra moisture to remain—slice okra lengthwise and as thinly as possible. Ensure the oven is fully pre-heated earlier than you put it in to bake.


Bake the bhindi when you have to serve because if kept for long, it may go tender. You could garnish them with coriander leaves, julienned ginger, or sliced green chilis. If you want, you may also sprinkle some lime juice on the pinnacle of the crispy okra. You may even spot a few Kala namak or chaat masala on the crispy fried okra. Enjoy the bhindi fry simply or with rotis and a bowl of curd.


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