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Quick And Delicious Beverage: Italian Affogato Coffee

Quick And Delicious Beverage: Italian Affogato Coffee

The Italian Affogato Coffee has many fans, both in Italy and abroad. But not everyone knows that it is possible to prepare an excellent Italian Affogato Coffee even at home, once you are familiar with the right quantities of steam and foam. And, of course, if you have an espresso machine with a steam wand.

An Italian Affogato Coffee corresponds to approximately 150 ml of drink, consisting of espresso (30 ml) plus equal parts of milk and cream.

Quick Coffee Recipe: Italian Affogato Coffee

Quick Coffee Recipe

You can feel the difference between an entirely made Italian Affogato Coffee and an unidentified drink!

This is why we have collected a series of variations, tricks, and secrets essential to ensure that your Italian Affogato Coffee is truly a pleasure and that it has the real taste of Italian Italian Affogato Coffee.

Italian Affogato Coffee Cremino Recipe

Italian Affogato Coffee Cremino Ingredients


140 ml of Italian Affogato Coffee

250 ml of whipping cream

140 g of Nutella

10 g of sugar

Bitter cocoa

Nutella as required

Chopped hazelnuts

Choose A Good Italian Affogato Coffee!

Choose A Good Italian Affogato Coffee

Buying good Italian Affogato Coffee is essential. It is clear that if you buy a soft blend, you cannot get good results.

If you can buy Italian Affogato Coffee beans, it allows you to keep all the Italian Affogato coffee properties until the moment of grinding.

Grind The Italian Affogato Coffee Beans At The Moment

Grind The Italian Affogato Coffee Beans

Even if it takes longer, the original ritual of making Italian Affogato Coffee requires that the beans are ground on the spot. Smell and taste will be great.

Store Your Italian Affogato Coffee The Right Way

Jini Dosa Recipe

Italian Affogato Coffee can absorb odors and humidity, so you have to keep it in a hermetically sealed container, away from other foods, perhaps in the fridge. All the aromas of the blend will remain unaltered.

How To Make Italian Affogato Coffee

How To Make Italian Affogato Coffee

Just like at the bar, you can also make perfect, creamy Italian Affogato Coffee at home. Here you will find the tips to put into practice to make an excellent Italian Affogato Coffee with the Moka, or the machine, an inevitable object in all Italian homes. Even those who have an espresso machine certainly have at least one. Let’s see how to use it best.

  1. Choose the best blend.
  2. If possible, use Italian Affogato Coffee beans.
  3. Use low mineral content water.
  4. Fill the boiler up to the valve.
  5. Put the right amount of Italian Affogato Coffee in the filter.
  6. Screw the mocha tight.
  7. Put the machine on low heat.
  8. Serve in boiling cups.

How Much And Which Water To Put In The Machine

The type of water used makes the difference. Choose bottled mineral water, purer and, therefore, less demanding. It must be at room temperature: it is not true that warmer water comes to a boil first. Also, use the right amount: do not exceed the valve at the top of the boiler.

How Much Italian Affogato Coffee To Put In The Moka

Fill the filter with the right amount of mixture: neither too much nor too little. Pour in a teaspoon at a time until you create a sort of mound of Italian Affogato Coffee.

Remember to tighten the mocha tightly and after having screwed it on, place it on the stove over low heat; as soon as the mocha begins to bubble, lift the lid so that the condensation does not end up in the Italian Affogato Coffee and turn off the heat a few seconds before the jug is full.

Italian Affogato Coffee cremino is a dessert without cooking; it is a very fast and no cooking spoon dessert. The Italian Affogato Coffee cremino has a base of Italian Affogato Coffee cream, but with hazelnut or Nutella cream. It is a fresh dessert and excellent when it’s cold as a dessert at the end of a meal. It is perfect when you don’t have much time to devote to preparing a dessert because the Italian Affogato Coffee cremino is ready in a few minutes.

Final Words:

No one can resist the gluttony of this dessert, and it can be perfect even for children if you use decaffeinated Italian Affogato Coffee. But let’s move on to the Italian Affogato Coffee cremino recipe and see together how it is prepared.

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