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Quick Banana And Milk Dessert: Kelyache Shikran

Kelyache Shikran

Kelyache Shikran is a solid and great sweet from the Maharashtrian Cuisine. A no-cook side-dish, Shikran is presumably the most little complex and the easiest dish one can consider. Using only two main ingredients, ready banana, and milk, it fills in as a healthy mid-day snack for babies or a speedy treat to engage unexpected visitors. Generally, Kelyache Shikran is combined with hot chapatis and filled in as a piece of the absolute feast as its sweet taste supplements very well with the savory dishes. It is an ideal treat on a late spring evening when you are not in a state of mind of making elaborate dinners or when you run out of vegetables. Shikran can be made in a jiffy and gives instant energy; subsequently, it is a favorite fasting food.

What Ingredients Goes Into Kelyache Shikran?

Kelayache Shikran, as we referenced above, requires only two main components. Milk and ready bananas. A kind of organic product custard, Shikran can be improved with a sugar of your decision or fill in all things considered as bananas are sweet. Flavorings and garnishes can change according to taste and enjoyment. We should look at the ingredients and their substitutions, if any, individually.

Ready Banana: Use any sweet variety of ready bananas.

Milk: Traditionally, dairy milk is used in making shikran. Milk is bubbled, chilled off, and afterward used. You can use Plant-based milk like almond milk instead for a vegetarian version or if you have any dietary limitations.

Sugar: Shikran is customarily improved with little sugar. In any case, you may have it with no sugar as bananas are sweet on their own or enhance the shikran with jaggery powder or honey.

Green cardamom: Shikran is gently flavored with squashed green cardamom.

It would help if you chopped the stripped bananas in a straightforward recipe, add them to bubbled and cooled milk, sweeten them with sugar, honey, or jaggery powder, and flavor the shikran with cardamom powder.

You no-cook, sound and scrumptious Kelyache shikran are prepared to serve. It is ideal to consume through shikran quickly or within an hour as bananas become dark and taste likewise changes whenever saved for quite a while.


  • Two large ready bananas
  • 1 cup milk ( bubbled and cooled)
  • One tablespoon sugar/jaggery powder/
  • 1/4 teaspoon cardamom powder


  • Strip and thinly cut two bananas. Move them to a bowl and add some bubbled and cooled milk to it.
  • Add sugar of your choice if that you wish to. Give a decent mix.
  • Finally, flavor the shikran with cardamom powder.

 Our no-cook, healthy and delicious Kelyache Shikran is prepared to serve. Topping it with some almond or pistachio bits if filling in as a pastry or early afternoon snack. Traditionally it is served plain as a side dish and paired with hot chapati as a piece of the meal.

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