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Recipe For Chocolate Mousse: Perfect Food For Children’s Day

Chocolate Mousse


Chocolate Mousse is a famous and classic French dessert that is loved by everyone. Apart from being tasty, this is quick and easy to make and uses very less chocolate than you may think! Chocolate Mousse is very light and fluffy, and this recipe will demand to be made more than once. It is simple, and a very minimal procedure is required to process it and is very nutritious.

Recipe of Chocolate Mousse

Setting time: 1 to 2 hours

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 0.5 minutes

Total time: 2 hours and 15 minutes


1 cup roughly chopped dark chocolate

One tablespoon butter

¼ tablespoon of coffee powder

¼ cup milk

One tablespoon powdered sugar

One ¾ cups beaten whipped cream

¼ tablespoon vanilla essence

Two tablespoon honey

Grated chocolate for the garnish

Two tablespoons of chocolate chips

Two tablespoons of tutti frutti


  • Firstly, the chocolate should be melted by a double boiler method. Add a cup of water to the saucepan and heat it.
  • Later a large bowl should be placed in such a way to make sure that it doesn’t touch the water.
  • Furthermore, the chocolate, butter, and coffee powder should be melted over simmering water until they become smooth. Coffee powder is added because it enhances the flavor of chocolate.
  • The mixture should be stirred until chocolate melts completely.
  • The bowl should be removed from heat and set aside to cool down completely.
  • Meanwhile, the whipped cream should be prepared by using a hand blender/whisk or mixer.
  • One cup of thickened cream or 35% milkfat should be poured into a blender.
  • The mixture should be blended for 40-50 seconds till the cream turns light and fluffy. It should be kept in mind that the mixture should not be over blend, as they turn to butter.
  • As soon as the chocolate has reached room temperature, 2-3 tablespoon of prepared whipped cream should be added and mixed gently, making sure to attain the same cream and chocolate temperature.
  • Further, the rest of the whipped cream should be added and folded gently while making sure not to lose the whipped cream’s light and fluffy texture.
  • The prepared mixture into a glass should then be poured.
  • The mixture should be refrigerated for 3 hours till they turn thick.
  • Furthermore, take a zip lock bag and add whipped cream to it for decoration.
  • It should be squeezed and created a cone from it.
  • Now, the tip of the cone should be cut with the help of scissors.
  • Further, it should be squeezed into Mousse.
  • Also, it should be garnished with few chocolate chips and tutti frutti.
  • Finally, enjoy the chocolate mouse chilled.

Quick Tip

  • Blending the cream is a critical and tough part of this recipe. If you do not have a hand blender, you can blend the cream using a juicer or normal blender to whip the cream. It should be kept in mind that the cream should be whipped for a long time because it will turn into butter.
  • It is recommended to use plain chocolates without any dry fruits or anything in it.
  • The chocolate mousse with the whipped cream should be iced.
  • The Mousse should be served chill.
  • The Mousse can be served with walnut ganache cookies, cashew biscuits, chocolaty, coconut, peanut, orange cookies, and fresh fruits with coconut cream sauce or fruit compote.


This chocolate mousse recipe perfect for Children’s Day. Children’s day is celebrated on 14th November everywhere on the birthday of our former Prime Jawaharlal Nehru. He loved children, and hence his birthday is dedicated to the celebration of children. One day, kids are very excited, and they are desired to be treated special on that day. Schools and colleges organize several programs. Kids love chocolates, and hence, this is a perfect dish for children’s day. They will enjoy having this, and after this will be a highlight of the day for them!

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