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Restaurant Style Delicious Dal Makhani For Dinner

Dal Makhani


We always try to provide nutrition to our bodies. We all need to cook something healthy and satisfy our hunger and craving to eat outside foods or a portion of delicious food.

I have one item in my mind to cook, which is very tasty and easy to cook. Also, it is a north Indian item. It is tummy filling and very aromatic. The name is “urad-rajma dal makhani.”

Urad-rajma Dal makhani is a very delicious food item that can be cooked at home, and it consumes less time.

It is healthy, as well. Avoid eating lentils if you are suffering from gas or an increase in uric acid. Otherwise, lentils are really good for our health as it is a great source of protein. Protein helps to improve digestion. It faster our healing and growth process by improving development. It also prevents breast cancer, improves heart function, and benefits when you are trying to lose fat.

We add rajma to make it more tasty and healthy, as rajma is also a great protein source. It is a great dinner when you are on a diet. You can include this recipe on your diet chart.

There are many ways we can cook urad- rajma dal makhani. It is made up of “whole black lentil.”

Benefits Of Eating Lentil

We also add rajma to this item. Which is better. This item benefits our body by:-

  • We are providing protein to our bodies.
  • Avoid breast cancer
  • Reduce the risk of respiratory problems
  • Risk of heart disease.
  • Improve bowel issues
  • Satisfy your appetite
  • Improve your healing power
  • It helps with hemoglobin as well
  • It includes rich fiber
  • Weight loss etc.

How To Prepare Urad-Rajma Dal Makhani?

First of all, you need to take one bowl of urad dal and one bowl of rajma.

Soak it for eight hours. And add eight to ten glasses of water and cook it in the pressure cooker until ten to twelve whistles. Or if you want to cook in the pan directly, it will take too much time, so I prefer to cook in the pressure cooker.

Now heat a pan and add three tablespoons of oil or butter. Butter adds a great strong aroma to food. If you are adding butter, be careful with salt as butter is a little salty.

Make sure that lentil and rajma are greatly cooked and soft.

Now in a pan, add

One spoon cumin seeds,

One dry red chili,

One bay leaf,

One cardamom,

One cinnamon,

2-3 cloves

Half spoon Garlic ginger paste

One finely chopped onion.

Let it cook for some time. After the onion turns red, add tomato puree or finely chopped tomatoes. The number of tomatoes will be greater than the onions.

Add salt, turmeric powder, red chili powder, coriander powder as per your requirement.

You can add black pepper powder as well.

Cook for some minutes and add cream or butter on top of it—Cook and taste how delicious it is.

Suppose you are cooking directly without pressure cooking it, then add ten cups of water and let it cook until it is soft. It will take more time, but it also tastes good. Always cook this recipe at a low flame.

Garnish with a bit of cream, mint leaves, or saffron.

Adding cream to this recipe makes it delicious, and you won’t even feel like you are eating home-cooked food. It tastes like tasty restaurant food.

So, urad dal makhani is a great choice to cook for dinner as it goes with brown rice or even roti. Lentil should be a little thick.


Urad-rajma dal makhani is made up of urad lentils, a very healthy and great source of fiber and protein. We even add rajma into this recipe to make it more tasty and nutritious, as rajma is also a great source of protein. It is easy to make and a great option to satisfy our tummy. So do cook it and enjoy the rich taste of lentil and rajma.

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