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Tasty Healthy Moong Dal Idli Recipe

Idli is a soft and fluffy cake and is one of the healthiest dishes usually eaten for breakfast in Southern India. And to make it more nutritious, today, we will make a simple and delicious recipe known as Moong dal idli.

Tasty Healthy Moong Dal Idli Recipe

Moong dal is soaked, grinded to the thick batter, and then fermented for eight-twelve hours. After fermenting, the batter needs to be poured into idli plates and steam cooked to get wholesome and attractive Idli. The fermentation system is top-secret for making tender and puffy Idli. There is plenty of the spot version of Idlis you can make like Rava Idli, Javvarasi Idli, Oats Idli in which you don’t need to ferment the batter. Still, as an alternative, we add Eno Salt / Baking Soda, which makes the Idli fluffy and soft.

The Moong Dal Idli is a no-rice, protein-wealthy Idli. Out of all the lentils, Moong Dal is rich in protein and is very wholesome, even for infants. Dal is soaked, grinded to the thick batter, and then tempering with green chilly and salt. The batter is then poured into Idli plates and steam cooked for 15 minutes to get soft and puffy Moong Dal Idli.


1½ Cups Moong dal

1 Cup – Water- 250 ml

¾ tsp Salt

¼ Cup Grated Carrot

2 tbsp Green Peas

1 tbsp Coriander Leaves

1 tsp Eno


2 tsp Salt

1 tsp Mustard seeds

One pinch Ginger Chopped

2 Green Chilies

Few Curry leaves

1 tbsp Cashews 


Step -1

SOAKING- Wash and soak moong dal for at least three hours.

Step -2

GRINDING- After three hours, drain water from the dal. Put the dal into the mixer jar. Make sure you grind it to a clean batter. Add water grade by grade till you get a thick but comfortable batter like Idli batter.

Step 3

TEMPERING- Heat oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds and permit it to sputter. Then put chopped ginger, chili, curry leaves, cashews and fry until cashews turn light golden colored. Also, add salt according to the taste into the batter.

Step -4

MIXING- Add the grated carrot, boiled green peas, coriander leaves chopped to the batter, and provide a terrific stir.


COOKING- Finally, add Eno soda just before you make Idli. Adding Eno soda makes the Idli fluffy, and also, the batter is diluted in a better way. Also, we don’t need any fermentation of the batter. Always add Eno soda just before you are going to steam the Idli.


STEAM COOKING PROCESS- Grease the idli plates with oil/ghee so that it is easy to remove the Idli. Add a ladle of batter in every idli mold. Steam cook for about 15 minutes, allowing the steam to ultimately launch, and then let it chill off for a few minutes. Then use a spoon/knife to take out the idlis from the mould.


SERVING- Serve the delicious protein-rich Moong Dal Idli with chutney of your choice, or you can even prepare sambhar, which is rich in protein and very healthy.

This Idli is liked by many people and a choice of mine too. These idlis are much less in carbs than compared to the regular Idli. The Split Green Moong Dal Idli is wealthy in protein and nutritional fiber. Loaded with essential nutrients and is vegan and gluten unfastened.


The Idlis come out very smooth. You can test the texture for yourself. They are very light for the tummy and may be enjoyed with some spicy chutney and sambar or simply undeniable with some Idli podi and ghee.

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