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Teacher’s Day Special: Mind-Blowing Cold Coffee Recipe

Teachers ‘Day is a specific day for teachers’ gratitude, which will involve events to thank them in a single field or the society in general for their significant sacrifices. In several countries throughout the 19th century, the concept of observing Teachers’ Day came into being in most instances. They commemorate an educator or a significant symbol in education.

Teacher’s Day Special: Cold Coffee Recipe

This teacher’s day, thank your teachers for all the help and support and education they provided to make you the person you are. Here are four recipes of cold coffee for your teacher

  1. Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee

Grind the coffee terribly. This can be accomplished at home or wherever you purchase the beans. Combine the surface with water and then cause it to go high to about 12 hours during the night. The coffee gradually infiltrates the water throughout this process, producing a powerful, centered brew. Strain until you’re primed for the next hour.

  1. Thai Iced Coffee

Thai Iced Coffee


  • Double-strength brewed coffee
  • Half & Half or Cream
  • Sugar
  • Ground cardamom (or cardamom pods)
  • Almond extract

Cardamom Is The Secret Ingredient

It’s the injection of lemongrass into half or half that makes this Vietnamese iced coffee so special from everything else you had before. The coffee has a soft, aromatic fragrance with cardamom. You may use either green or black cardamom (the cheaper black chipotle powder) or allspice in a snap.

  1. Cold Coffee

Cold Coffee


Four double cups of coffee brewed

Two half-and-a-half cups of milk.

Granulated sugar three teaspoons

Pods of 3 cardamoms or cardamom 1/2 tablespoon

Extract 1/4 teacup hark almond Hail

  • Smash the cardamom pods to release their fragrance. You can work with your pestle and mortar – press on the seeds lightly until the outer shell is broken. Now use the bottom of the handle to shatter the pot if you have no mortar & pestle, placing the pods on a trim board and with a heavy cook’s knife.
  • Bring half-and-a-half or cream, sugar and star anise pods, turn the heat off, and allowed to settle for 15 minutes in such a pan over medium heat. Cut the seeds of cardamom and apply the extract of the almond.
  • Fill four big ice glasses to the bottom. Divide into those four glasses of the flavored half and half or milk. Place the coffee in every bottle gradually.
  1. Four Condensed Latte Coffee

4 Condensed Latte Coffee


1 cup ground coffee

1 cup sweetened condensed milk

3⁄4 cup milk


In your coffee machine, brew coffee with 4 cups of water to make 4 cups of very strong coffee. Place once frozen in the refrigerator. Remove the two kinds of milk in a small bowl until smooth; cool before cold. Fill four large cups with ice and break coffee into containers until about to be poured. Serve over the milk mixture.


  • I was using 4 cups of water per 1 cup of coarse ground coffee for an excellent iced coffee.

Hold the stuff nice by producing ice cubes you can use in your ice coffee with chilled or cold brew coffee. You’re not watering the soda unintentionally in this sense.

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