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The Holi Saviour Gujiya Recipe – Delightful Cuisine For Indian Festival

Holi Special Gujiya Recipe

Indian Sweets also referred to as ”Mithai”, are sweet confectioneries that are usually in-practice made with milk, ghee cottage cheese, sugar, and other ingredients. The use of cooking mediums depends upon the region where the ”mithai” is being prepared. Once you start eating these delicious treats, you’ll hardly be able to stop yourself from grabbing another one. In most parts of the world, Indian cuisine is considered a delightful cuisine because so much of it is just sweets! Indian sweets are ubiquitous throughout South Asia. 

Sweets or ”mithai” have been integrated very well in Indian culture. Sweets are presented on auspicious occasions to signify and maximize happiness.

And in this article, we’re going to prepare a sweet that has a vibrant history and is utterly delicious. 

You guessed it, Gujiyas. Gujiyas have been part of the Indian Indian culture for centuries. They are a sweet dish that is prepared on the auspicious occasion of Holi. Holi is a festival in the Hindu culture that signifies the win of good over evil. It has a fascinating story which I shan’t get into cause I won’t be able to stop once I start, just like you when you’re eating these Gujiyas. Gujiyas are profoundly popular in the northern part of India. They are crisp and flaky pastries that are filled with khoya and dry fruits. It leaves that taste in your mouth that makes you crave more. 

The Ingredients For Gujiya

Mawa (khoya) – 400 gm

Semolina – 100 gm

Ghee – 2 tablespoon

Sugar – 400 gm

Cashew Nuts – 100 gm (each cashew cut into 5-6 pieces)

Raisin – 50 gm (Remove the stems)

Small Cardamom – 7-8 ( peeled and granulated)

Dry coconut – 100 gm (grated)

This is where the magic happens.

● We shall mix the flour and water. We do that by taking a bowl, adding flour and water to it to make a soft dough. To maximize the taste of this recipe, we shall add some ghee to the mixture. 

● We knead the soft dough. To make the prepared dough smooth, you’ll have to press it while sprinkling a little water over it. Once the mixture has a perfect consistency, we keep it aside for 60 minutes. Now, we shall take a deep-fry pan then saute khoya and semolina till it turns a golden brown, then we let it cool. 

● Next, we shall prepare the filling for Gujiyas. Add some sugar, green cardamoms, and shredded almonds to the cooled khoya, and we shall mix it well. We can add all kinds of dry fruits and nuts to this, to accentuate the taste of the filling. Next, we take two drops of ghee and rub it on our palms 

● We prepare small round balls from the dough and then flatten it. Then we put the fillings on the center and seal it shut by putting some ghee on the sides. You can roll the sides to give it a pattern.

● Next, heat ghee in a pan over medium heat. We shall fry the Gujiyas till they are golden brown from all sides. Then take our delicious Gujiyas out of the pan and serve them. 

Gujiyas brings people together. Holi is a festival of harmony and colors. But you can enjoy this tasty treat without the excuse of an occasion. 

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