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The Most Useful Kitchen Tools Which Make Your Cooking Task Easy

Is cooking an art or a chore? It depends on how you see it. For some, cooking proves to be a therapeutic process that de-stresses them, and to some, it feels like a mundane job, which is a necessity of life. Whatever the case, a lot of your cooking experience depends on the many tools available to you, making or breaking the deal. Imagine having to cut some veggies thin for pav bhaji; you would refrain from making it if you do not have enough help in the kitchen.

Here we present to you some of the essential kitchen items which will be your helper and a friend in the kitchen:

  1. Food Processor

Food Processor

Armed with their many blades and disks, they are one versatile lot. They can cut potato for making potato chips, or grate carrots for a gajar halwa. You could pulse cauliflower for cauliflower rice also with it. Cutting vegetables of any thinness is a breeze with a food processor. This is the first thing to go for if you want a smooth kitchen-time.

  1. Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker

They cook any rice to perfection, whether basmati or brown rice. They are also very energy-efficient, so you save on your electricity bills too. They are no more making guesses with how much water to put or how many whistles to go for well-cooked rice. These cookers come with a marked vessel for ease of operation.

  1. Juicer


A glass of juice is welcome anytime and makes for a refreshing breakfast. A juicer will save you hard work of juicing and also extract maximum juice from any fruit.

  1. Stainless Steel Grater With Four Sides

Stainless Steel Grater With Four Sides

If you do not have the mood to get into mechanics of starting a food processor or a blender, then a grater is an excellent choice for quickly grating ginger and garlic or cheese. They are small and portable, so one can quickly move them around in the kitchen.

  1. Metal Or Plastic Large Colander

Metal Or Plastic Large Colander

Whether you are making noodles or pasts or just washing vegetables. A colander is a fast, efficient, and safe way of draining hot water from many dishes.

Having homemade food is the healthiest way to live, and for that, cooking at home is needed. Having these time-saving tools will save you hours and get you interested in preparing so that you look forward to your kitchen-time.

Yash Shah
Yash Shah is the junior content manager at RasoiRani.Com and he is also a young enthusiastic writer who is gumptious and talented. He has sound analytical and technical skills. He is a blogger, Social Media Expert who likes to write on food and beverages.


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