Treat Your Kid Traditional Appam With Coconut Water

Bored of the same breakfast options of dosa and idlis? Here is a different kind of breakfast from fermented rice: the ‘appam.’ Slightly similar to how dosas are made, this recipe is traditionally made with coconut water. Get your skillet ready for this tasty and healthy treat!

Treat Your Kid Traditional Appam With Coconut Water

Now that most of us are staying at our homes cooking something different for a healthy breakfast becomes difficult. Especially if it is a household with children, you tend to walk on that line between your child’s demand and a healthy breakfast option. Commonly, breakfast items like idli or dosas are an instant hit with children too. However, it becomes problematic if it is the same breakfast every day. And well, mothers like you know that making an appealing breakfast every day for kids is undoubtedly a task! While many of us know just how healthy items made out of fermented rice like idlis are, you can also cook up many other varieties with fermented rice. Here is one type of traditional appam you can make with coconut water:

Your Checklist For Ingredients:

One whole coconut (Remember to keep the coconut water from that coconut as well)

Rice-3 cups

Sugar- 1½ cup

Yeast- a gracious pinch

Salt as per taste

Baking soda-one pinch

Instructions For The Creamy Batter:

First, wash the rice clean and then drain the remaining water. You can either grate the coconut or just cut small pieces and mix it with the drained rice and sugar well. Do not throw the coconut water and keep it aside. Empty them into a grinder and grind to get a creamy texture. If you have made idli or dosa batter before, you have to know that this batter’s consistency can be similar to it. After that, add the coconut water you had kept aside in the batter. While the batter is almost ready now, you know how necessary it is to use yeast in such recipes for fermentation. So, the next step would be to take the yeast and mix it with water. Mix this liquid with the batter well so that the fermented item comes out well later. Now that the batter is ready, set it aside for at least 8 hours for fermentation. You will notice some bubbles forming in the batter after fermentation.

Cooking Instructions:

Start with adding a pinch of baking soda and some salt per your taste to the batter. Now take a deep pan or a skillet and switch on the gas. After it gets a bit heated, add some oil to prevent the batter from sticking to the pan later. Pour the batter into the pan like you would do to cook a dosa or a pancake. Let it cook now, and do not flip it over. Cover it with a lid for 2 to 3 minutes. Remove the lid and check if the appam is now soft and fluffy. Then switch off the gas, and your appam is ready to eat. While you can couple the appam with green chutney or a peanut chutney, you can also eat it with potato curry.

Slightly sweet, the appam can be a good and healthy breakfast for your kids, especially if your kid loves sweet dishes.


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