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Which Is Your Most Favourite Version Of Kheer?

How To Make Kheer At Home

This morning even in minor achievements, also people tend to celebrate it. Many people like to eat sweets very much. Therefore you can offer your relatives Kheer. It can adore your bonding with them.

Which is your most favorite version of Kheer? Try out making Kheer –a sweet dish at home in these simple steps!

Are you among those who have like to engage in the sweet dish? Do you know how to make the particular version of Kheer? If yes, then acknowledge yourself to prepare this Kheer. You need to follow out some of the simple steps mentioned here. You can make it to your favorite festival. Even on regular days, it can enumerate a charm.

Some Of The Simple Steps To Prepare A New Version Of Kheer

It seems very accessible to prepare the Kheer with these steps. Make a glance beneath to initiate your recipe.

  • Firstly enumerate whole cream milk in a vessel.
  • After this, enumerate the particular brand of saffron in it.
  • Let such a setup boil.
  • After this, move on with a food processor. Take about a bowl of rice and enumerate it in the food processor.
  • You don’t have to prepare the fine dust of it. Just make it half crushed or so.
  • Now take a vessel and enumerate crushed rice dust in it. After this, list some amount of H20 on it. One should follow this step to soak the rice dust.
  • You have to boil the whole cream milk compulsorily on the high flame of the burner.
  • One has to mind well to steer it perpetually.
  • This procedure will enumerate more creaminess in the Kheer.
  • You have to stir well whole milk once every two to three minutes.
  • Once you face out about 10 minutes of boiling whole cream milk, you have to manage the enhancement with soaked rice dust.
  • Mind well that the rice dust should possess a fluffy texture.
  • Remove out the entire H20 from the rice dust and then enumerate it in milk.
  • The rice has a high density as compared to milk.
  • Therefore it will get settle down at the bottom. As this rationale, your Kheer will not possess the flavor of rice.
  • Hence, to avoid this dilemma, opt to stir whole cream milk perpetually.
  • The rice will get stuck to the instrument that you stir. Therefore you can enhance the texture of rice. If you lodge, then you can taste it to confirm its taste.
  • You can decide your consistency of Kheer. Many of them like to have thick, while some tend to eat thin.
  • If you possess an eagerness of moderate consistency, then half an hour of boiling will work.
  • Now you have to enumerate the raisins in whole cream milk.
  • Raisins acquire the fluffy and juicy texture in Kheer. Therefore it enhances the taste of your Kheer.
  • You can enumerate grated almonds to enrich Kheer. Therefore you can emphasize its texture. Also, almonds prove to aid our brain in enriching memory.
  • After this, you have to enumerate lactose around a bowl.
  • Once you enumerate the lactose, the consistency of Kheer will becalm thin.
  • Therefore again, we have to boil it for a few minutes.
  • You can now enumerate some amount of cardamom in dust form. If you don’t possess its dust, then lodge down to crush.
  • Once you feel that material gets a better texture, you can off the flame.
  • You can locate it out through bubbles arising on top of Kheer.
  • Therefore you congratulate yourself for following all steps accessibly.

Tips For You:

You should utterly lodge down on the whole cream milk. It will help you enhance the taste of Kheer very much.

Saffron designates as the first material to enumerate in milk. It possesses an influential rationale behind it. Saffron of high quality needs much of the time to enrich its color out. Therefore you should lodge down to enumerate it.

The quality of the rice also changes the taste of the Kheer you prepare. Therefore lodge down to choose the flawless quality of rice that suits Kheer. It would help if you did not crush rice finely. Slight grains left after prove aiding for the texture of Kheer. Also, one should make sure that rice gets a fluffy texture after soaking it.

The vessel that you choose for Kheer also matters much. In any ordinary container, Kheer tends to get burn accessibly. Aluminum proves hazardous when preparing sour food because of the reaction. Therefore you should undoubtedly lodge to choose the still material.

You can enumerate as much as nuts you like. It will give the taste to another level to Kheer.

One should buckle down on the amount of lactose enumerated. Sometimes, more lactose amounts feel like one eats a bowl full of it, which is also a lesser amount of ruins, Kheer. Therefore list the perfect part of it.


There are possess of several versions of Kheer. The diversified version has a different consistency. You can prepare it on any occasion to make enrichment. Even some people prefer the presence of God in Kheer.

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